Wall Street Crossword Answers August 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
YouTube performer’s goal FAME
Yellow-white dwarf FSTAR
Paisley person SCOT
Alpine climber IBEX
Climbed AROSE
Make reductions to PARE
Eon divisions ERAS
Blanche’s younger sister STELLA
Brushes up on RELEARNS
Founder of two car companies OLDS
Lake with a Daytime Emmy RICKI
Taste of one’s own medicine REPRISAL
Strong headwinds, nautically NOSERS
Far from familiar ALIEN
Expert MAVEN
She rabbit DOE
Misfortunes ILLS
Prepares to be captured POSES
It’s not fair FOUL
Blanc of many voices MEL
Berth places BOATS
To a certain degree INPART
Legislative production STATUTES
___ barrel (at one’s mercy) OVERA
Trade barbs or jabs SPAR
Nickname of Bill Cassidy in more than 60 movies HOPALONG
Wood in Hollywood ELIJAH
SportsCenter network ESPN
Flyer covertly owned by the CIA AIRAMERICA
Give an edge to WHET
New England skiing destination STOWE
Hot spot OVEN
Six yards of silk, often SARI
Not available TAKEN
Capone chaser NESS
Isn’t quite straight FIBS
Share a side ABUT
Viral sensation MEME
Checks out EXPLORES
Capacitor units FARADS
Hit letters SRO
Play on the road TOUR
Moore’s TV boss ASNER
Attains the maximum safe speed REDLINES
Lectures SPEAKS
Implemented CARRIEDOUT
Port west-southwest of Algiers ORAN
Hardy title character TESS
Exhausted ALLIN
Business school subj. ECON
Upolu is one of its islands SAMOA
"The Evil Dead" director RAIMI
Host with "12 Days of Giveaways" ELLEN
Rehab candidate PILLPOPPER
Has legs LASTS
Galvanize ROUSE
Three-time French Open champ SELES
Police protection VESTS
Braised entree POTROAST
Tool with a low loft FOURIRON
"Le Moribond" songwriter BREL
Told too often STALE
"Come in!" in Campania AVANTI
Early hominids APEMEN
Maria’s "West Side Story" friend ANITA
Chops HEWS
Fed. workplace monitor OSHA
Understand intuitively GROK
Swing music JIVE
Top pair ACES
Villainous prince in "Frozen" HANS
Slack-jawed state AWE