Wall Street Crossword Answers August 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
"Thy hour and thy harpoon are at hand!" speaker AHAB
Play starters SNAPS
Throw in ADD
You might see one in a vault POLE
"Parade de Cirque" painter SEURAT
Regulus is in it LEO
Worker with pitches and polishes? SALESMANICURIST
Quinella’s kin EXACTA
Wins over CHARMS
Many dorm rooms STIES
Worker who draws a large congregation? VICARTOONIST
Agenda entry ITEM
Country reduced in size by about 25% in 2011 SUDAN
Harbor workers TUGS
Fathead ASS
Drop temporarily SAG
Beat TOP
Bounty punishment LASH
Bud protector SEPAL
Involved account SAGA
Worker whose prose is out of this world? ASTRONAUTHOR
Polo in China MARCO
Western bands POSSES
Once in a blue moon SELDOM
Buyer in a familiar warning EMPTOR
Worker offering soft wares? PROGRAMMERCHANT
Niche filler URN
Cavern cacophony ECHOES
Kitchen extension? ETTE
Make blue, maybe DYE
Unnerved SHOOK
Modernists, slangily NEOS
Ambulatory setting APSE
Barnum’s "Feejee Mermaid," e.g. HOAX
What some concert passes allow ALLACCESS
English conductor Thomas BEECHAM
Current setting SEA
Cloister figure NUN
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Double performances STUNTS
Ralph’s wife ALICE
Secretarial positions DESKS
Quartet in a Morse H DOTS
Shrewdness SMARTS
Regulus, for one STAR
"Something to Talk About" singer RAITT
Farm feline MOUSER
Moxie, e.g. SODAPOP
Medicine container VIAL
"___ girl!" ITSA
Where snowboarding debuted as an Olympic sport NAGANO
Merlin Olsen’s alma mater UTAHSTATE
Marked by aggressive and speculative investing GOGO
Argue SPAR
Guitar sound? HARDG
Light show lights LASERS
Doctor Strange’s first name STEPHEN
"Semper Fi" org. USMC
Gleeful MERRY
Forsaken ALONE
Chips source SPUD
Aboard ONTO
GPS lines RTES
Electrical unit now called a siemens MHO
Cattle call MOO
Rodent reaction EEK