Wall Street Crossword Answers August 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sidestep, as a question EVADE
Former Iranian ruler SHAH
Festive celebration BASH
Unbending RIGID
Gift-wrapping need TAPE
"…to take arms against ___ of troubles…": Hamlet ASEA
In the company of AMONG
Tangled up ENSNARLED
"King of Country" GEORGESTRAIT
Lyrical lines ODE
One end of the spectrum RED
Lone Ranger’s sidekick TONTO
"King of Swing" BENNYGOODMAN
Taper off ABATE
Coll. senior’s test GRE
Its members use clubs at clubs: Abbr. PGA
With 40-Across, "King of Pop" MICHAEL
See 37-Across JACKSON
Brief writer, in brief ATT
Miss identification? NEE
Squirrel away HOARD
"King of Rock and Roll" ELVISPRESLEY
Tequila source AGAVE
Pizzeria order PIE
Rx prescribers MDS
Songwriter’s compensation, or this puzzle’s "Kings"? MUSICROYALTY
Lends a helping hand PITCHESIN
Brewer’s ingredient YEAST
Do some copy desk work EDIT
Cry of dismay OHNO
Heathen PAGAN
Hibernation spots DENS
Droops SAGS
Upright ERECT
Significant period ERA
Enthusiasm VIM
In the past AGO
Quiz show sound DING
Periphery EDGE
Two-channel STEREO
Shamefaced HANGDOG
Vaulted section of a church APSE
Coop residents HENS
Donald Trump’s youngest son BARRON
C.S. Lewis lion ASLAN
"Try to ___ my way" SEEIT
Couldn’t not HADTO
Lead-in to boy or girl ATTA
Assn. ORG
President with two Grammys and a Nobel Prize OBAMA
Item on a balance sheet DEBIT
Put into law ENACT
Ultimate degree NTH
Thumbs-up vote YEA
76ers legend, familiarly DRJ
___ culpa MEA
Sacred hymn PSALM
Like an unlucky toreador GORED
Tennis stars Roddick and Murray ANDYS
Container for a ltr. ENV
Luau souvenir LEI
Revolutionary Guevara CHE
Bout enders, for short KOS
Catching sight of ESPYING
Tosses into the street EVICTS
Poland’s Walesa LECH
Instruments with hammers PIANOS
Divinity school subj. REL
Really excited AMPED
Tour leader GUIDE
John of "The Addams Family" ASTIN
Antique autos REOS
Fed. workplace regulator OSHA
Wine buyer’s concern YEAR
Wine buyer’s concern AGE
Cul-de-___ SAC
Explosive initials TNT