Wall Street Crossword Answers August 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Slangy greetings YOS
Creamy color ECRU
Piggery enclosures STIES
Mottled mount APPALOOSA
Racy wall art PINUP
Bowler or batsman, e.g. CRICKETER
Opening words or bars INTRO
Antlered animal HART
Sierra Club founder John MUIR
Steaming HOT
Show billed as "The Ultimate Job Interview" THEAPPRENTICE
Gin-flavoring fruit SLOE
Steadfast STABLE
Period of decline EBB
"Como ___?" ("How are you?" in Spain) ESTAS
Declared SAID
Celebrates with abandon DOESAHAPPYDANCE
Brain-freezing brand ICEE
Rap sheet listing PRIOR
Baseball Hall of Famer Griffey Jr. KEN
Hindu text regarding rituals TANTRA
Some are easily bruised EGOS
"Oh, nasty!" UGH
Straight, at the bar NEAT
Aboard a liner, e.g. ASEA
News sources FEEDS
Book containing lots of legends? ROADATLAS
Like a Reuben ONRYE
Software for your phone, and a clue to four other Across answers MOBILEAPP
Banana discard PEEL
Punctured tire sound SSS
Blue blood vessel? YACHT
Barack awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom OPRAH
Skyline feature SPIRE
Antlered animal ELK
British miler Sebastian COE
Hooey ROT
1972 Bill Withers hit USEME
Bronze ingredient TIN
Safe and sound, theoretically INTHEBANK
Cologne currency EURO
Location SPOT
Substitute for ACTAS
Make ___ for it (flee) ARUN
Part of TGIF ITS
Entreaty PLEA
Ritzy POSH
Draw upon again RETAP
Javier’s house CASA
Nasty infestation LICE
Blissful place EDEN
Work on a film or a manuscript EDIT
Florida city, familiarly BOCA
"I know just how you feel" BEENTHERE
Loan letters APR
Pitch, of a sort SPIEL
"Late Night" host Meyers SETH
Spa class YOGA
Plummet DROP
Freed of lather RINSED
Biography figure AGE
More than a trickle SPATE
Hippocratic oath no-no HARM
Brownstone feature STOOP
Cozumel y Mallorca, por ejemplo ISLAS
Semimonthly tides NEAPS
Sharp intakes GASPS
Hovering flyers UFOS
Mannerly fellow GENT
Salon stock DYE
Prez on pennies ABE
Conk out DIE
Monopolist’s share ALL