Wall Street Crossword Answers August 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Swingy tunes LILTS
Dosage container, at times VIAL
"SOS" or "Help!" SONG
Overflowing AWASH
Eva Marie Saint’s "On the Waterfront" role EDIE
River featured in an Oscar-winning film KWAI
National Endowment for the Woodworking Arts offerings? CARPENTERGRANTS
Official lang. of Belize ENG
"Why not!" LETS
Makeup item? RETEST
Marble banned in tournament play STEELIE
Not natural, in a way POSED
Graffitist’s mark TAG
They soothe weary soles FOOTRUBS
One spitefully refusing to share his apple? GRINCHWORM
Post counterpart PRE
She dies beneath the Temple of Vulcan AIDA
Windshield wiper’s trace ARC
Veg-O-Matic marketer KTEL
Cpl., e.g. NCO
Watchdog’s warning to a burglar? NIGHTGROWL
Result in GENERATE
___ polloi HOI
Prunes TRIMS
Give approval ACCEDE
Makes a choice OPTS
Suffix for phenyl or propyl ENE
Elegant movement of runners around the bases? GRACEOFDIAMONDS
Offended HURT
Day divider NOON
"Eight Days ___" AWEEK
Fires AXES
Slips up ERRS
There are 28 in a Monopoly set DEEDS
Loafers’ lack LACES
Wish list start IWANT
T choice LARGE
Sixth of a fl. oz. TSP
Really whomp SHELLAC
Sporty Chevy VETTE
When Antony says "Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!" IDES
Make public AIR
It’s minimal in coach LEGROOM
Expert with figures? SKATER
Came clean about OWNEDUPTO
Rival of the O’s in the Beltway Series NATS
Essence GIST
Trigger sound NEIGH
Kick back REST
Sicilian peak ETNA
Glider spot PORCH
Smith’s place FORGE
Do a barista’s job BREW
Broker’s advice SELL
Turf protectors GANG
Jambalaya ingredient RICE
"So what?" IDONTCARE
Tom with a gravelly voice WAITS
Mother of Kendall and Kylie Jenner KRIS
"Okay, give me an example!" NAMEONE
Eighth letter out of 24 THETA
Splash Mountain, e.g. RIDE
Takes turns SPINS
Soprano Fleming RENEE
Broken off ENDED
Secretarial positions? DESKS
Ottoman commander AGHA
Essence CRUX
Freshener target ODOR
On behalf of FOR
Be in arrears OWE