Wall Street Crossword Answers December 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Commotion TODO
Least likely to bite, perhaps TAMEST
Wd. that modifies a noun ADJ
Take ___ (snooze) ANAP
Noisy bedfellow SNORER
Command to an attack dog SIC
*Pigs flying, for example PUREFANTASY
Four-term pres. FDR
Houston ballplayer ASTRO
Vowel from Greece ETA
Effortlessness EASE
To’s counterpart FRO
Danson of "The Good Place" TED
Fast-running bird EMU
Enlist again REUP
Poker payment ANTE
Period of history EPOCH
*Summer blockbuster movie genre ACTIONADVENTURE
Chairperson? USHER
Milk choice SKIM
Thorn setting STEM
Chinese leader with a Little Red Book MAO
Helping hand AID
___ Moines DES
*Space, to Trekkies FINALFRONTIER
___ Bator, Mongolia ULAN
Not that many FEW
Zodiac sign for babies born on April Fool’s Day ARIES
Nada ZIP
Attractions in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and the ends of the starred answers DISNEYLANDS
Last letter ZEE
Most slippery, in a way ICIEST
Canvas for a tattoo SKIN
Gridiron figs. YDS
Patched up MENDED
Ballpark figs. ESTS
Appetizer for Juan TAPA
Burden ONUS
Smallest Ivy League school DARTMOUTH
Donizetti specialty OPERA
Airport screening org. TSA
TV journalist Curry ANN
Sacred song MOTET
Muse of lyric poetry ERATO
Seeds ground to make tahini SESAME
Have a go TRY
"I trust you about ___…" (start of a wary comment) ASFAR
Playground comeback DIDSO
Banana Republic rival JCREW
Four-time Indy 500 winner A.J. FOYT
What Old Faithful does roughly every 90 minutes ERUPTS
Noggin BEAN
Writers Ferber and O’Brien EDNAS
Sign that can be good or bad OMEN
Herr’s spouse FRAU
CDs and LPs: Abbr. RECS
Whom Simple Simon met PIEMAN
Japanese co. that made lots of cassettes TDK
Water brand sourced near Lake Geneva EVIAN
Takes more shots than, perhaps OUTDRINKS
One of Canada’s First Nations CREE
Tailoring tasks HEMS
Spoken ORAL
Radiate EMIT
Cubicle setting OFFICE
Clock face DIAL
Like some dangling dice FUZZY
"But you promised!" retort ILIED
Turtlenecks cover them NAPES
Amber material RESIN
Held title to OWNED
Make blank ERASE
Tweak, as text EDIT
Nos. coveted by identity thieves SSNS
Not too bright DIM
Jargon ending ESE
From Jan. 1 YTD