Wall Street Crossword Answers December 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Admitted defeat GAVEUP
Colorful parrots MACAWS
Be in charge of OVERSEE
It has lights FILMSET
"Don’t be ridiculous!" GETREAL
The "curiously strong mints" ALTOIDS
It has lights INTERSECTION
Felt contrite about RUED
Arrangement holder VASE
Bug catcher WEB
Blazed a trail LED
Stimulate, as the appetite WHET
Fellow who works at home UMPIRE
Be amused by GRINAT
Eagle’s nest AERIE
Rap sheet datum ALIAS
Youngest son on TV’s "Empire" HAKEEM
Amiable quality WARMTH
Tears RIPS
Neither’s partner NOR
Lamb’s mom EWE
McGregor of "Moulin Rouge!" EWAN
"Jane the Virgin" star Rodriguez GINA
It has lights FLYINGSAUCER
Lens covers, of a sort EYELIDS
Intimate UPCLOSE
It has lights MENORAH
Lilac and lavender PURPLES
Like many streets TWOWAY
Cut out, as part of an organ RESECT
Words of encouragement GOGIRL
Pennsylvania in Washington, for example AVENUE
Checked for suitability VETTED
Made a faux pas ERRED
Manipulative sort USER
They’re often paired with carrots PEAS
Social environment MILIEU
Range of some saxes ALTO
"Hurry up!" CMON
"___ live and breathe!" ASI
Tie the knot WED
Holy folks: Abbr. STS
Position for November and lambda ELEVENTH
Some are saturated FATS
Twin-hulled craft CATAMARAN
Electrical connection WIRE
Foe of the Seneca ERIE
Busy buzzer BEE
Carpal bones location WRIST
Towel embroidery HIS
Spouses MATES
Curly hairstyle PERM
Equivalent of five carats GRAM
Beginning, as a hobby TAKINGUP
Lobster part CLAW
Add to the payroll HIRE
Fall mo. SEP
Profoundly impress AWE
Kidman of "Moulin Rouge!" NICOLE
"Hold on…" ONESEC
Least common RAREST
Desire WISH
Swallows GULPS
River movement FLOW
Old Italian coin LIRA
Boot attachment SPUR
Meadow measure ACRE
Springy wood YEW
Music producer Brian ENO