Wall Street Crossword Answers December 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Human’s relative APE
Creative class ART
Verbal digressions ASIDES
"Where the Wild Things Are" boy MAX
Take a risk DARE
"A likely story!" OHSURE
Tunneling worker ANT
*Juilliard offering DRAMALESSON
iPhone assistant SIRI
Alter an article EDIT
Dirt road tracks RUTS
*Better Business Bureau warning SCAMALERT
Cardinal color RED
Dude GUY
Yale, for one IVY
Yale student ELI
Setting for a ring exchange ALTAR
Sixth of an inch, in typesetting PICA
Direct-selling cosmetics company AVON
Dissolute fellow ROUE
Some JFK guesstimates ETAS
Boneheads DOLTS
Free throw score ONE
Frantic signal SOS
Review harshly PAN
Compete VIE
*Pale lager alternatives CREAMALES
Pro ___ (in proportion) RATA
Light and breezy AIRY
Zero, on a court LOVE
It happens between buds, and a feature of the starred answers MALEBONDING
Food drive donation CAN
Sharp insight ACUMEN
Inverness inhabitant SCOT
Facebook revenue source ADS
Peanut butter cup brand REESES
Leave open-mouthed AWE
Jeans brand LEE
Gather in a crowd AMASS
Uncontrollable anxiety PANIC
Crowd scene actor EXTRA
Toss in ADD
Once in a blue moon RARELY
Fantasy baseball league deal TRADE
Company discontinuing its AIM chat service at the end of the year AOL
Popular aperitif SHERRY
Topic for debate ISSUE
Small desert whirlwind DUSTDEVIL
Mythical matchmaker EROS
Capitol Bldg. VIP SEN
Kuwaiti bigwig EMIR
Father of Scout and Jem Finch ATTICUS
"Count me in!" IMGAME
Mysterious glow AURA
Carpet cleaner, for short VAC
Robber’s take LOOT
Bed-and-breakfasts INNS
Diana Ross do AFRO
State bird of Minnesota LOON
Ace Hardware rival TRUEVALUE
MRI alternative PETSCAN
Lupino of "They Drive by Night" IDA
Lacking a key, musically ATONAL
Zodiac cat LEO
First mate? ADAM
Naval engineer SEABEE
Stamp on a bill PAYNOW
To-do list entries ITEMS
Relieves (of) RIDS
"All My Children" character ERICA
From the area LOCAL
Taste or touch SENSE
Talladega event RACE
Spoil MAR
Walk-___ (minor parts) ONS
Co. acquired by Bell Atlantic to form Verizon GTE