Wall Street Crossword Answers December 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
From Cardiff, say WELSH
Pursuers of perps COPS
Letters on a Soviet spacecraft CCCP
Wed secretly ELOPE
Aftereffect of overexertion ACHE
Post-bath garment ROBE
Raisins or prunes, e.g. DRIEDFRUIT
"Frozen" queen ELSA
Lieberman’s running mate GORE
Under the weather ILL
Atlantic swimmer SHAD
Scoped out EYED
Empty space VOID
In the midst of AMONG
French or Italian, e.g. DRESSING
Golf goal PAR
Responses to bad jokes GROANS
"Didn’t need to know that, BTW" TMI
He had the title role in "An Officer and a Gentleman" GERE
Phrase differently RESTATE
Researcher’s field SCIENCE
End for novel or sermon ETTE
Pretense ACT
Attempts to pick up HITSON
Make a blunder ERR
Little bread boxes? CROUTONS
Eucalyptus muncher KOALA
Massachusetts congressman Richard NEAL
Situated on ATOP
Largest island in the Caribbean CUBA
Jamaican genre SKA
Country singer McCann LILA
Ireland, to poets ERIN
Entree accompaniers, and a feature of this puzzle SIDESALADS
Sphinx site GIZA
Brit’s baby buggy PRAM
Shift-6, on most keyboards CARET
Attendee, in combinations GOER
Island with a terrier named for it SKYE
Yoga position ASANA
Club for the sand trap WEDGE
Youngest Jetson ELROY
Its valley is called "the cradle of the French" LOIRE
Matchmaking event with a timer SPEEDDATE
"___ fly through the air with the greatest of ease" HED
Music’s Santana CARLOS
Ophthalmologist, quaintly OCULIST
Letter before chi PHI
Filming locations SETS
Filling for a doughnut CREAM
Scenes preceding title sequences COLDOPENS
"Scorpion" airer CBS
Unimpressive brain size PEA
First-class FIVESTAR
Spooky woman HAG
Turns down, in a way DIMS
Drug trafficker NARCO
Golf goal GREEN
Virus component, often RNA
Saint plied with milk and cookies NICHOLAS
Alphabet that gave us the word "alphabet" GREEK
Nostalgically chic RETRO
Knocks it out of the ballpark, academically GETSALLAS
Business sch. course ECON
"There’s no ___ team" IIN
Mardi Gras, for one TUESDAY
Fare catch? CAB
"I wanna come too!" TAKEME
Like some rovers LUNAR
Pageant crown TIARA
Of yore OLDEN
Starchy staple PASTA
Hieroglyphic creatures ASPS
Spur (on) EGG
Where Simone Biles won four gold medals RIO
Bother IRK
Obamacare, for short ACA