Wall Street Crossword Answers December 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Old quarter-acre measures ROODS
Mattress annoyance LUMP
Ibuprofen target ACHE
"Go this way" indicator ARROW
Piece from Puccini ARIA
Rustic cuisine CHOW
Job holder? BIBLE
Multi-Cat Complete brand IAMS
Check for a win? MATE
Germophobe’s attire? BOILEDCLOTHES
Overall INTOTO
Siren setting SEA
"People of Earth" network TBS
Strategic alliance of poodles, Persians, parrots, etc.? PETCOALITION
Printemps month MAI
Easily accessible NEAR
Jah praiser RASTA
Some charity ALMS
Religious teacher SWAMI
"Where It’s At" musician BECK
Make full again TOPUP
Bulb holder LAMP
Hen or heifer SHE
Big Bang’s source? THEMEGASPARK
Shucks contents EAR
Schmear accompanier, often LOX
Honshu hostess GEISHA
Internal combustion process, and an explanation of the other long Across answers FUELINJECTION
Tourney passes BYES
Skedaddle FLEE
Jose Altuve, for one ASTRO
Paddy crop RICE
In other ways ELSE
Miniature marchers ANTS
Croaky voice RASP
Second prime THREE
Religious teacher RABBI
Hunter with a belt ORION
Planetary path ORBIT
Whipped cream serving DOLLOP
Make more appealing SWEETEN
Secular LAIC
The Sakmara flows into it URAL
Brunch beverage MIMOSA
Degas’s "La Toilette," for one PASTEL
Crowning point ACME
Takes to task CHASTISES
All the rage HOT
Meadow mother EWE
Acts overly fond DOTES
It may get a part HAIR
Mess up BOTCH
Treacherous sort SNAKE
Cornfield cry CAW
Grad school grillings ORALS
Folder part TAB
Dull, in a way MATTE
Oahu salutation ALOHA
Amount of money SUM
Meteorologist’s aid MAP
Candidate’s concern IMAGE
Brazilian soccer legend PELE
Like some concrete slabs PRECAST
Round figure? GOLFER
Armpit, in anatomy class AXILLA
Lowbrow art KITSCH
Raga-playing instrument SITAR
Opera star Marilyn HORNE
Make ___ of (remember) ANOTE
Draws upon USES
Gangbuster Eliot NESS
Base vehicle JEEP
Undergarment with an underwire BRA
Yang’s counterpart YIN