Wall Street Crossword Answers December 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Snow Falling on Cedars" star HAWKE
Cold War side WEST
Brief cold spell SNAP
Winter of "Modern Family" ARIEL
High in the Andes ALTO
Klondike Bar’s features a polar bear LOGO
Resale stipulation ASIS
Most worthless part LEES
Prime minister born in Kiev and raised in Milwaukee MEIR
Stick together UNITE
Wood used for skis ASH
Explosive zap from a sci-fi weapon? BURSTINGRAY
Primeval void ABYSS
Person who’s critical at first UMP
Chowderhead IDIOT
Full of pluck SPIRITED
Future deliveries? BIRTHINGSTOCOME
"Werther" composer MASSENET
Cooling system features VENTS
Bespectacled friend of Snow White DOC
Guiding principle CREDO
Money used to build many a California film studio? BURBANKLOAN
Torch lighter of 1996 ALI
Winter Olympics host in 1956 and 2006 ITALY
Cart, quaintly WAIN
Provorov of the Philadelphia Flyers IVAN
Point at a plate TINE
Souvenirs from Sanders rallies? BERNIECAPS
Crash course? ECON
"I am not what I am" speaker IAGO
Cool quality POISE
It’s spread on snowy roads SAND
Plunge, as winter temperatures DROP
Sound, e.g. INLET
Speak, to Spaniards HABLA
One of the fire signs ARIES
Some terriers WIREHAIRS
Shoe brand since 1916 KEDS
Wallach of "Winter Kills" ELI
Mass consumption? WAFERS
Ryan of the Nashville Predators ELLIS
New outfits STARTUPS
Snowsuit sporter TOT
Like "Chill out!" and "Cool it!" SLANG
Deferential denial NOSIR
Mental aggravation AGITA
Parker of "A Mighty Wind" POSEY
Hatchlings from green eggs EMUS
Too new to recommend UNPROVEN
How skis may be rented BYTHEDAY
"You’re stuck with me!" IMIT
Many spam senders BOTS
Watson’s creator IBM
Domingo, e.g. DIA
Preston of the Yukon, for one: Abbr. SGT
Chilled ICED
Unsuccessfully TONOAVAIL
IV inserter, at times EMT
Galerie ___ Glaces (Versailles section) DES
Advised about INON
Scarves and the like NECKWEAR
Laundromat, e.g. COINOP
Raipur royal RANI
Hurts like a winter wind BITES
Site of the first Woolworth’s UTICA
Prattled incessantly RANON
Slow and stately LARGO
Careless decline LAPSE
Cartographer’s close-up INSET
Safari’s compass, for example ICON
Try for a contract BID
Adrenaline, for short EPI