Wall Street Crossword Answers December 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Idiom derived from Hebrew, e.g. SEMITISM
Words after bum or thumb ARIDE
No longer cashable VOIDED
Jr. of "Gilligan’s Island" ALANHALE
One might stay in a lot LEMON
Vans liner INSOLE
Vandalize the faces on statues? DISFIGUREHEADS
Forgo a trial SETTLE
Music’s Stravinsky IGOR
Merinos that have been marked down? DISCOUNTSHEEP
Seamstress’s supply CLOTH
Their home ice is KeyBank Center SABRES
Oscar nominee for "The Crying Game" REA
Olympus ___ (Martian mountain) MONS
Takes part in a stock exchange? LOWS
Hankers after COVETS
Ruby on film DEE
Metal containers TINS
Star pitcher ACE
Gold medalist David Boudia, e.g. DIVER
Be a buttinsky MEDDLE
Something many tween boys do? DISCOVERGIRLS
Subs for ACTSAS
Abbr. once paired with zero OPER
Job in a cab company’s office? DISPATCHWORK
Flute’s kin GOBLET
"You know you want to!" CMON
Noncommittal reply IMAY
Bee’s grandnephew OPIE
Grueling exams ORALS
Partied before kickoff TAILGATED
Murmured lovingly COOED
Skilled ABLE
Language in which "Good morning" is "Moghrey mie" MANX
Busy times on the Cote d’Azur ETES
Boorish sorts CHURLS
Public speaker? DISCOURSEPRO
Peacemaker maker COLT
Current condition STATUS
Model of Pogo that’s not for sale? DISPLAYPOSSUM
Does an usher’s job SEESIN
"Three Tall Women" writer ALBEE
Valuable deposit ORE
Minor clash SPAT
Tool for confident solvers PEN
Wild spells SPREES
Litter in the country PIGS
Ready for customers OPEN
Name on many a 91-Across BIC
Less biased FAIRER
Big blows GALES
Bring shame upon a "Live!" co-host? DISGRACEKELLY
Raiders quarterback Derek CARR
Promoting a book, say ONTOUR
Choose not to take the country seriously? DISMISSAMERICA
Reacted to a big blow REELED
John at the keyboard ELTON
A bit bawdy OFFCOLOR
Prized fiddles STRADS
Loose talk SLANG
Rock sample DEMOTAPE
Blue SAD
High priest in the Book of Samuel ELI
More, to Miguel MAS
Laughing uncontrollably INFITS
Femur setting THIGH
Shakespearean ensign IAGO
Fails to mention adequately SLURSOVER
Sight from la plage MER
"Honey in the Horn" musician ALHIRT
Nutrageous brand REESES
High Sierra runners IMACS
Ninny DODO
Clinched ENSURED
Summit offering VISTA
Addition column ONES
Narrow strips of land ISTHMI
Barkin and Burstyn ELLENS
Bathysphere destination DEEPS
Rival of Courier and Becker EDBERG
Call for NEED
Not nude CLAD
Particular places LOCI
Isn’t square OWES
Declare AVER
Catlike mammal CIVET
Even with DESPITE
Freeze fixer TECH
Ninnies DOPES
D.C. United’s org. MLS
Like some lingerie LACY
Flock together COLLECT
Fan club focus IDOL
Perfect doubles RINGERS
Situation that precludes a sacrifice TWOOUTS
Unnaturally sound sleep SOPOR
Servant to Prospero ARIEL
Timetables, informally SKEDS
Home of college football’s Cyclones AMES
Smidgen TAD
Stimuli GOADS
Round trip? ORBIT
Makeup of some surfboards BALSA
Metal containers CANS
Added to the soup MIXEDIN
Shingle sealer TAR
Perched on ATOP
French luxury fashion brand CHLOE
Artist’s inspiration MUSE
Gets by COPES
Dethrone OUST
Secret digits PIN
Place to sip and surf CYBERCAFE
Bird and King LARRYS
Away from the wind ALEE
Bed with bugs? SOIL
Hankering URGE
Private meal MESS
Way awesome EPIC
Breaks away SECEDES
Grand’s kin SPINET
Neighbor of Namibia ANGOLA
Fish ladder user SALMON
Pier supporter PILING
Kakapo or cockatoo PARROT
Fish market features ODORS
Old poets BARDS
Saint’s celebration, in Italy FESTA
"I Ran All the Way Home" singer Buddy GRECO
Felt awful about RUED
Extinguish KILL
Like a versatile radio AMFM
Yard makeup SOD
Pier group?: Abbr. ILA
Perp pincher COP
Is for you ARE