Wall Street Crossword Answers February 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Like bullet trains FAST
Net material MESH
Hydroelectric structures DAMS
Choir member ALTO
Not glossy MATTE
China setting ASIA
Sequence of games where tennis is played? COURTORDER
Oven for firing pottery KILN
Tough pickup for bowlers TENPIN
Specialized (in), in college MAJORED
Doubting sort SKEPTIC
Running behind LATE
Outermost fences where baseball is played? DIAMONDBACKS
Cut-and-dry business SALON
Robin Hood’s beneficiaries POOR
Shaker grains SALT
Manning in the NFL ELI
Most successful song of 2014 HAPPY
"Glee" star ___ Michele LEA
Flimsy, as an excuse LAME
Downwind, to sailors ALEE
Paparazzi target CELEB
Team commander where football is played? FIELDMARSHAL
Clothing line SEAM
Audiophiles’ investments STEREOS
Tennis contests MATCHES
"Life of Pi" director ANGLEE
Heaps ALOT
Pioneer where boxing is played? RINGLEADER
Heredity unit GENE
Notions IDEAS
Nautilus captain NEMO
Coffee option ICED
Small salamander NEWT
Very, at Versailles TRES
Fiction’s counterpart FACT
Soothing plants ALOES
Smelled to high heaven STUNK
Sub shot TORPEDO
Render imperfect MAR
JFK guess ETD
Goblet part STEM
It involves coats of arms and the like HERALDRY
Dodge trucks DAKOTAS
"If memory serves…" ASIRECALL
Odometer unit MILE
Hourglass fill SAND
Ellis of the Pacers MONTA
Easy basketball two-pointer TIPIN
Boxer’s punch JAB
Graceful antelope IMPALA
Barrel builders COOPERS
___ Strips (bug-killing brand) NOPEST
Painter Paul KLEE
Rough guess STAB
Egotist’s focus SELF
Jai ___ ALAI
Material for the Empire State Building’s facade LIMESTONE
Adjective for Hank Aaron HAMMERIN
Voted into office ELECTED
Chili con ___ CARNE
"Zip-a-Dee-Doo-___" DAH
Gets better HEALS
Having seniority OLDER
Ominous memo from the boss SEEME
"We Three Kings" subjects MAGI
Guinness of "Star Wars" ALEC
Flank SIDE
Amorous archer EROS
Fresh NEW
Gangster’s gun GAT