Wall Street Crossword Answers February 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Where remains may remain URN
TV station logo, for short IDENT
Blow ___ (get mad) AFUSE
Definitely not paleo- NEO
Bar mitzvah reading TORAH
Jai alai player’s need CESTA
Tennis pro’s memo opener? INRESERVE
Defibrillating shout CLEAR
Bright aquarium fish TETRAS
Driving instructor’s memo opener? INRETURN
"Suppose…" WHATIF
Goes with the flow ADAPTS
Gum setting JAW
Optometrist’s memo opener? INREVIEW
Too big for one’s britches? OBESE
Lamenting sigh ALAS
Tallahassee sch. FSU
Alternatively ELSE
Economics Nobelist Robert ENGLE
Humerus connection ULNA
LAX listing ETD
Trendy antioxidant ACAI
Smart ___ ALECK
Hitting coach’s memo opener? INRERUNS
Piece advocate’s org. NRA
Photographer’s memo opener? INREPOSE
To a greater extent MORESO
Verdon and Stefani GWENS
Odist’s memo opener? INREVERSE
Card con also called "Find the Lady" MONTE
"___ With Elvis" (1959 album) ADATE
Tiki bar freebie LEI
On pins and needles ANTSY
Tuneup target MOTOR
Fashionable initials YSL
Police car UNIT
Like solar energy and library books RENEWABLE
Delta acquisition of 2008 NORTHWEST
Rare Olympics announcement ITSATIE
Knocks off DOESIN
Prove oneself fallible ERR
Blue-skinned race in "Avatar" NAVI
In that case THEN
Give in ACCEDE
Was contrite FELTAWFUL
Consume USEUP
Word on a Sorry! game board START
Brings in EARNS
Timeline division ERA
Stud declaration RAISE
Nice place FRANCE
Diner cupful JOE
"Pomp and Circumstance" composer ELGAR
Anxiety relief brand VALIUM
Deposited amounts SEDIMENTS
How Little Susie was fashioned in a Michael Jackson song SLENDERLY
Straightens, as legs UNCROSSES
___ the ground EARTO
APB letters AKA
Invite for a visit ASKOVER
Rhyming Russell NIPSEY
Appoint as a member of NAMETO
Summation symbol SIGMA
Not yet taken UNWON
Spiner of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" BRENT
Ahead of, poetically ERE
"The King and I" setting SIAM
Skeletal prefix ENDO
Peeper, in Paris OEIL
Templeton in "Charlotte’s Web," e.g. RAT