Wall Street Crossword Answers February 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Barge mover TUG
Title courtesan of opera THAIS
Exchange of cross words SPAT
Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revival STU
Custodian’s tool WETMOP
Charge a criminal? TASE
Errol Flynn trademark PENCILMUST
Make sense of PROCESS
Word of agreement AMEN
Advice for a young man GOWEST
Melatonin source ALGLAND
Item for Martha Grimes’s mantelpiece EDGAR
Stand and deliver, perhaps ORATE
Stock holder PEN
Boyer who played with Berra CLETE
Backing AID
Four-time Kent portrayer REEVE
Method: Abbr. SYS
Fall guy PATSY
Insignificant person SPRAT
Juice maker? LIGHTSW
Creme ___ (custard dessert) BRULEE
"Because freedom can’t protect itself" org. ACLU
Suffering from cabin fever, say INDOORS
Many shots are taken from it TSEEINGBUS
"___ Baby" ("Hair" song) ABIE
Unruffled SERENE
Hatchling from a blue-green egg EMU
Users of some Xings PEDS
Resembling a DeLorean WEDGY
With 7-Down, National Radio Hall of Fame inductee of 1989 DON
Sixth of a fl. oz. TSP
Home of the Lady Miners UTEP
Many shots are taken at them GUNRANGES
Cautious way to look TWICE
Capital in Lewis and Clark County HELENA
Mall conveniences ATMS
See 64-Across IMUS
Sinking signal SOS
Clearly specified STATED
Diplomatic accomplishments PACTS
Comparable to hell? ASHOT
Be rife TEEM
109, famously PTBOAT
They have titles OWNERS
Knight from Georgia GLADYS
Bench presser’s pride PECS
How doodles are drawn IDLY
Can’t stand LOATHE
Grain for grinding GRIST
Put into a new heap REPILE
Emergency copter trip EVAC
Belg. neighbor NETH
Literary coda EPILOG
Negotiation pros AGENTS
Boozehounds LUSHES
Ibis activity WADING
Buy off BRIBE
Far from flexible RIGID
New York’s ___ Island CONEY
Indication of urgency ASAP
"Able was ___…" IERE
Scholarship factor NEED
Sport whose highest rank is yokozuna SUMO
Hem, say SEW
Taiwanese flag feature SUN