Wall Street Crossword Answers February 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Many got scratched in the 1990s CDS
Military band SASH
R & R times VACAYS
Bear rival ARA
Number between siete and nueve OCHO
Key with three sharps AMAJOR
*A little pig? PORKCHOP
*Fruit used in Thai cuisine PAPAYA
Missouri county OZARK
Olivia of "The Wonder Years" DABO
Experts PROS
Belief ISM
Cellphone’s lack CORD
Females with pigtails? SOWS
Military sch. ACAD
Lock locations HASPS
Country code next to tennis’s Marin Cilic’s name at the Olympics CRO
Pink character of Nintendo games KIRBY
Capital on the Gulf of Guinea ACCRA
*It’s sometimes called an "alligator pear" AVOCADO
*Chinese cabbage BOKCHOY
Some dresses MIDIS
___ Flow (Scottish strait) SCAPA
Prepare mentally PSYCH
Root beer bottler Edward BARQ
See 30-Down BOYD
Adams and Grant AMYS
P, on fraternity sweaters RHO
Rug cleaners, briefly VACS
Workplace inspection agcy. OSHA
Picked things AFROS
*Tempura choice SHRIMP
*Bayou specialty that, like all the starred foods, fits the answer category CRAWFISH
Egyptian god of the dead OSIRIS
Siberian city OMSK
Nevada drama CSI
Visits briefly POPSBY
Muted trumpet sounds WAHS
Keystone ___ KOP
Mob boss CAPO
Medical Mehmet DROZ
Indie music’s Tegan and ___ SARA
Low pair SOCKS
German shout ACH
Clogged up? SHOD
Decide against the subway HOPACAB
Particles of water VAPOR
Flu fighters: Abbr. AMA
Good surname for a milliner CAPP
Open a crack AJAR
Toy for one hand YOYO
Mmes., in Malaga SRAS
Mother of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe KRIS
Soap option BODYBAR
Hotel tippee MAID
Capital on the Buriganga River DHAKA
Little rascal SCAMP
Vermont-based company founded in 1856 ORVIS
With 51-Across, "Cheers" bartender with Sam Malone WOODY
David and Bing CROSBYS
Clemson’s sports org. ACC
Average Joe SCHMO
Substitute voter PROXY
Iraqi character on "Lost" SAYID
Buckwheat grain KASHA
POTUS, to mil. personnel CIC
N-S split OPQR
Reliable moneymaker CASHCOW
Conspicuous hit, in showbiz slang BOFF
Beatrix Potter rabbit MOPSY
Atlanta athletes HAWKS
Brandy bottle abbr. VSOP
"I get it," facetiously AHSO
Blood’s rival CRIP
Knights’ titles SIRS
First word of the "Aeneid" ARMA
Ilsa’s love RICK
___ buco (veal shanks) OSSO
Buoyant craft SHIP
Will Smith movie, for short MIB
Cigar detritus ASH