Wall Street Crossword Answers July 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Farrier’s file RASP
Staff notes MUSIC
HBO rival, for short SHO
Ball guest, perhaps MASKER
Toast topper OLEO
Father of Methuselah ENOCH
"I should ___ die with pity…": Lear EEN
Just a couple of extras? BELLANDWHISTLE
Escort service location? GARAGE
Overshadows ECLIPSES
"Beware, my lord, of jealousy" speaker IAGO
Fanfic works ZINES
Sorrowful secretion TEAR
Unimpressive portion of data? FACTANDFIGURE
Lofty nest AERIE
Cordoba cat GATO
McKellen and McShane IANS
Modest investment portfolio? STOCKANDBOND
Turf protector GANG
Pub offering ALE
Contemptible cads CURS
It has two hemispheres BRAIN
Heavy herbivore RHINO
Early visitor to Greenland ERIC
Elevated composition ODE
Good, to Gentiloni BUONO
Minor miracle? LOAFANDFISH
Violent storms TEMPESTS
Placatory offerings SOPS
Lyre-playing Muse ERATO
Inadequate Constitutional limits? CHECKANDBALANCE
Brand charged by some motorists TESLA
Lethargic LOGY
Paltry assortment of things? BITANDPIECE
Diary contribution ENTRY
Low mil. rank PVT
Haughty sort SNOB
Jazz pianist Chick COREA
Foreign farewell ADIEU
___ Galerie (Big Apple museum featuring German and Austrian art) NEUE
Energy PEP
French I infinitive ETRE
Mild anxiety? PINANDNEEDLE
Not engaged FREE
Trivial criticisms NITS
Like some accents NASAL
Flag for a country of humble pretensions? STARANDSTRIPE
Watt, e.g. SCOT
Casual tops POLOS
Long, long time AEON
Time’s Person of the Year for 2001 GIULIANI
Relax away from computers and phones UNPLUG
Very simple board game? SNAKEANDLADDER
Bring back on REHIRE
Not for kids ADULT
Novel that takes place in a Surrey village EMMA
Outlined TRACED
Word of assent YES
Valentine’s Day gift ROSES
Jack London’s "___ of the Sun" ASON
Boxer’s cover ROBE
Guinness with a knighthood ALEC
Broker’s recommendation SELL
House work POLITICS
Bright bunch MENSA
Ready for the surgeon UNDER
Litter bearers SOWS
German I ICH
X on the Rosetta stone CHI
Attack SETAT
Popular Wyeth subject HELGA
Mildly promising baseball situation ONEON
Russian Air Force jet MIG
Stupendous AMAZING
Mint garnishes SPRIGS
John’s portrayer in "John Wick" KEANU
Lawn tool EDGER
Dodgers great Pee Wee REESE
Sneak ___ (look quickly) APEEK
Order to attack SICON
Longhaired model FABIO
Heaps ATON
Goddess with a bow DIANA
Pontifical Mass garment FANON
Broad tie ASCOT
Piano exercise ETUDE
"Evidence of Things Not Seen" composer Ned ROREM
Birthplace of the Solidarity movement GDANSK
Mistreatment ABUSE
Training org. for future ensigns NROTC
JPEG alternative GIF
Diva’s delivery ARIA
Supermarket aid LIST
Repeat exactly ECHO
"Every cloud ___ silver lining" HASA
Violinist Zimbalist EFREM
"Borstal Boy" author Brendan BEHAN
Rustic inn LODGE
Criticize harshly DECRY
College workplace PCLAB
Moviegoer’s chocolate candy SNOCAP
Not aweather ALEE
___ Tomb (Red Square landmark) LENINS
Got in, in a way ANTED
Like a perfect game NORUN
Recipe meas. TBSP
Mozart’s "___ Kleine Gigue" EINE
Where do you get off? STOP
Newspaper essays OPEDS
Palate projection UVULA
Rebar makeup STEEL
FedEx flyer DCTEN
Studied (over) PORED
Rage IRE
Computer hookup? EDATE
"There’s ___ in the air" ANIP
"Clever thinking!" NEATIDEA
Rubout, of a sort ERASURE
Indelibly ININK
___ Gay ENOLA
Do some gamboling FROLIC
Sudden increase SPURT
Printer need TONER
Rosetta stone letter ALPHA
Hardly relaxed TENSE
Some stallions ROANS
Move stealthily SIDLE
Fanatic followings CULTS
Serengeti grazers GNUS
Film character with a stunted right fin NEMO
President Rouhani’s home IRAN
Diploma-awarding test, for short GED
Hoop holder, at times EAR
Stir ADO