Wall Street Crossword Answers July 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Far from talkative TERSE
Creative endeavors ARTS
Gloomy guy GUS
Coral island ATOLL
Fishing line holder REEL
Woodstock singer Guthrie ARLO
1974 Jimmy Buffett hit COMEMONDAY
Haves and have-___ NOTS
Patella’s place KNEE
Puts down ready-made lawn SODS
Ghana’s capital ACCRA
Prescription unit PILL
Nerdy type EGGHEAD
Online referee GAMEMODERATOR
Honda’s upscale brand ACURA
Dipstick wiper RAG
Pastrami sandwich bread RYE
"Turn up the heat!" BRR
Summertime noisemakers CICADAS
Sound while shearing BAA
Debut music releases, at times EPS
Semicolon half DOT
Overflowing AWASH
Monthly payments, for many HOMEMORTGAGES
Stew flavorer BAYLEAF
Gardener, at times HOER
Plus column entry ASSET
Nation on the Arabian Sea OMAN
Coors malt beverage brand ZIMA
Unruffled CALM
Influential person PRIMEMOVER
Act ___ impulse ONAN
To be, to Babette ETRE
Jim Croce song "I Got ___" ANAME
"That ain’t right" NAW
General ___ chicken TSOS
Columbus’s birthplace GENOA
Poster holder TACK
School near Windsor ETON
Vatican City surrounder ROME
Surprise hit SLEEPER
Stately tree ELM
Golf’s Palmer ARNOLD
Foxx of "Sanford and Son" REDD
Buzz-creating promo TEASERAD
Furtive SLY
Checkout item GROCERYBAG
Extremely ULTRA
"That’s terrible!" SOSAD
Popeye’s tattoo ANCHOR
Site of King Harald V’s palace OSLO
IRS employee AGT
Desktop covered by AppleCare IMAC
Bonkers GAGA
Chew the fat GAB
Orchard unit ACRE
"If something can go wrong, it will" MURPHYSLAW
Muse of lyric poetry ERATO
Naturalness EASE
Creative spark IDEA
Says "There, there," say COMFORTS
Wise guy SAGE
Sounds of relaxation AHS
Like many an oath SOLEMN
Spot for embedded journalists WARZONE
Got together MET
Ving of "Pulp Fiction" RHAMES
Vocal inflection TONE
Club sandwich ingredient BACON
Yoga pose ASANA
Catalan painter and sculptor MIRO
"Ghostbusters" director Reitman IVAN
Office note hidden in four of the Across answers MEMO
Vicinity AREA
Cockatoo or cockapoo PET
Newsstand buy, for short MAG