Wall Street Crossword Answers June 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Choreography concern STEP
Position in an orchestra CHAIR
With 10-Down, mother of North and Saint West KIM
"Truth in Engineering" advertiser AUDI
Find a partner PAIRUP
Exclamation of insight AHA
Company founded by John D. Rockefeller STANDARDOIL
Parks’ partner, for short REC
Play along with HUMOR
When everything goes perfectly BANNERDAY
Raptor feature TALON
Market pessimists BEARS
Go on to say ADD
Game in which twos lose WAR
Illegal sweeteners BRIBES
Project JUT
Wheeling’s river OHIO
Oscar-winning song from "Pocahontas" COLORSOFTHEWIND
Nettle IRK
Like Baroque architecture ORNATE
Richard Parker in "Life of Pi," e.g. TIGER
Male delivery SON
Items to crunch: Abbr. NOS
Blue Cross rival AETNA
Tree with catkins ALDER
Paving slab FLAGSTONE
Legal sweetener SUGAR
Darling of the 1980s Mets RON
World Series precursor PENNANTRACE
Make a decision OPT
Ragweed reaction SNEEZE
Long in the tooth AGED
"Didn’t I warn you?" SEE
Like capital gains TAXED
Pub mates LADS
Frame for panes SASH
Item in many Degas paintings TUTU
Gouda alternative EDAM
Grape that comes in blanc and noir varieties PINOT
Returns expert, for short CPA
Conceal from pursuers HARBOR
Quinn of "Elementary" AIDAN
Country club swinger? IRON
Downfall RUIN
See 10-Across KARDASHIAN
"Rumor has it…" IHEAR
Store that uses a star for its apostrophe MACYS
West Point freshman PLEBE
Chest part DRAWER
Animal who’s appeared on 10 TV Guide covers LASSIE
Rudimentary principles ABCS
Decrease DROP
Dabbler in the arts DILETTANTE
On parole OUT
Highest pt. in Oregon MTHOOD
Japanese show of respect BOWING
1991 film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar JFK
Division preposition INTO
Victor Hugo’s "___ et Ballades" ODES
His jersey was raised to the Boston Garden rafters in 1979 ORR
Polar explorer Shackleton ERNEST
Sounds of shock GASPS
Lowlife SLEAZE
Big dos AFROS
Skip a ceremony ELOPE
Lacking good cell coverage, perhaps RURAL
Revival setting TENT
Eligible to serve ONEA
Head over heels GAGA
Did more than pass ACED
Wine list section REDS
Homer’s neighbor NED