Wall Street Crossword Answers June 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Macintosh’s predecessor LISA
Jewish deli buy KNISH
Polyethylene sheet TARP
At an end OVER
Petrova of tennis NADIA
Mental flash IDEA
Song sung by Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" [4, 2, 1] BYEBYEBABY
Hurdle for Hannibal ALPS
Bad joints DIVES
High roller’s roll? CNOTES
Like whiteboards and blackboards ERASABLE
Store window posting HOURS
Acronymic band name ABBA
Spice-yielding evergreen of Peru [1] PEPPERTREE
Attack with missiles PELT
Harder to find RARER
Get hooked? HANG
Like halter tops [2] SLEEVELESS
Jazz legend James ETTA
Usually-abbreviated Latin phrase IDEST
Vehicle that may get more than 100 miles per gallon MOPED
Ambitious bridge contracts SLAMBIDS
College team whose fight song is "The Orange and Blue" GATORS
Class offering parental guidance HOMEEC
Seaweed-wrapped delicacy SUSHI
Exam format ORAL
Trials that are often televised? [2, 3] TASTETESTS
Pasta frequently served in soup ORZO
Cultural foundation ETHOS
"The Fair Penitent" playwright Nicholas ROWE
Perceptive KEEN
Marine abysses DEEPS
Winter coat SNOW
High ball LOB
Academic growth IVY
Lose focus, perhaps SEEDOUBLE
Hawaiian guitar’s place KNEES
President McKinley’s wife IDA
Kid’s roomie, often SIB
They can make a bundle HAYBALERS
Princess costume accessory TIARA
Form a line? ADLIB
Put off REPEL
No longer fashionable PASSE
Part of YSL YVES
Consumer USER
Wrangler jeans protection? CHAPS
Inventor for whom element #102 was named NOBEL
Title given to Queen Victoria in 1876 EMPRESS
Most opportune RIPEST
Like diplomatic pouches SEALED
Called in advance PREDICTED
2001 gothic film starring Nicole Kidman THEOTHERS
Deadly bait RATPOISON
Take part in ENTER
Quaint exclamation EGADS
Ambience VIBE
Naval post? MAST
Distressed SHOOK
Ugarte’s portrayer in "Casablanca" LORRE
Blow away AMAZE
Fruit in a sweetheart cake MELON
Answer offered hesitantly GUESS
Intersection injunction STOP
Absorbed, as cost ATE
Mare or doe SHE
Smallest prime TWO
Make duds SEW