Wall Street Crossword Answers March 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Contributes ADDS
You might trip on it LSD
Less trusting WARIER
Had insomnia LAYAWAKE
Catherine with a Chicago barn OLEARY
Costs for smokers and drinkers SINTAXES
Bedlam bloke MADMAN
Provide with startup funding SEED
Was for a group? WERE
Enzyme suffix ASE
Getaway for city slickers DUDERANCH
Rouen refusal NON
Present time? PARTY
Calm confidence POISE
Sounding-off piece OPED
Moonves of CBS LES
Prepares potatoes, perhaps MASHES
Much-maligned REVILED
Court workers JESTERS
Luxury box settings ARENAS
Edit menu choice CUT
File menu choice SAVE
Game with a numbered board DARTS
"The Great Wall" star DAMON
Short-haired cat breed REX
Make like a shark SHOOTPOOL
Pandemic-monitoring org. CDC
His last words were "Thus, I give up the spear!" AHAB
"O, she ___ teach the torches to burn bright!": Romeo DOTH
Car repair courtesy LOANER
Procrastinating penalties LATEFEES
Francis of "What’s My Line?" ARLENE
Hundredths of the Egyptian pound PIASTERS
Stood by WAITED
Mont Blanc, e.g. ALP
Mont Blanc cover SNOW
Capp and Capone ALS
Speaker’s platform DAIS
Ten micronewtons DYNE
Needing no more SATED
Overly permissive LAX
Ridiculed ruthlessly SKEWERED
Leaves alone DESERTS
Voters since 1920 WOMEN
Copying ALA
Ruby or garnet RED
Paul Simon’s "___ Rock" IAMA
Significant times ERAS
Sandberg in Cooperstown RYNE
Crumple before tossing out WADUP
Sci-fi weapon RAY
Yorkshire region DALES
Busy bunch on Apr. 14 CPAS
30-Across leaders HOSTS
Tracker of Santa’s flight NORAD
Price performance? OPERA
Under no circumstances NEVER
"Rumor has it…" IHEAR
Court action SERVE
Elizabeth’s love ESSEX
Exertions DINTS
Copycat’s cry METOO
Bind with cords LASH
Be a no-show in court JUMPBAIL
Tree with heart-shaped leaves CATALPA
Homer exclamation DOH
Junctions NODES
Did galley work OARED
Airy apartments LOFTS
Hammer part CLAW
Animated explorer DORA
LL Cool J’s "Going Back to ___" CALI
Student driver, probably TEEN
Medal recipient HERO
Pay stub line NET
Hydrocarbon suffix ENE
Bar fixture TAP
D.C.-to-Richmond heading SSW