Wall Street Crossword Answers March 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Streaker with a tail COMET
"Would you like me to?" SHALLI
Ring around the 105-Across IRIS
Pitcher’s pride ARM
"…as good as ___" AMILE
Biz bigwig TYCOON
Like San Jose Sharks home uniforms TEAL
Great sorrow WOE
Charging up a Tesla? TANKLESSTASK
Award for an outstanding player GAMEBALL
Aid for making a bust CHISEL
Voice quality TONE
___ vous plait SIL
Heated for a few seconds NUKED
Eggs Benedict ingredient HAM
Applejack source CIDER
Wild excitement over a clairvoyant? SEERMADNESS
Mechanic’s focus MOTOR
Affected by the moon TIDAL
Third baseman nicknamed "the Penguin" CEY
Lumberjacks enjoying the Jacuzzi? TREEMENINATUB
Withdraw from competition SCRATCH
Nothing, in Nice RIEN
Saddle, bridle, harness and the like TACK
Prickly plants CACTI
Agrippina’s ungrateful son NERO
Two-time DDE opponent AES
Tows for some teams SLEDS
Pate cover RUG
Flock leader PASTOR
Fidel’s successor RAUL
"Oh, my aching back!" and others? SORELINES
Regan of Fox Business TRISH
___ favor POR
Boutros-Ghali’s successor ANNAN
Passbook, deposit slips, etc.? SAVINGKIT
Company car, e.g. PERK
Juicy item in a gossip column TIDBIT
Bolted down, perhaps ATE
River to Lyon SAONE
Wife of Juan EVA
Like many a movie maitre d’ SNOOTY
Heads off GOES
Waggish DROLL
City northwest of Los Angeles OJAI
1997 title character played by Peter Fonda ULEE
Jam for Sacher torte APRICOT
Boxers who can endure punches? SOCKABSORBERS
Holstein hello MOO
Carried off STOLE
Bed cover DUVET
Section of a bowling alley designated for drinkers? SIPPINGLANE
Hole in the 12-Across PUPIL
Quentin wrote "Kill Bill" for her UMA
Even a little ATALL
Galley worker OAR
Seed coating ARIL
Leaf producer NISSAN
Slowly disappears FADESOUT
Birdwatchers with microphones, maybe? TRILLSEEKERS
Common avenue shader ELM
Impulse URGE
One of New Jersey’s state symbols REDOAK
Labor Day baby, e.g. VIRGO
Reuben base RYE
Jury member PEER
Queen of Soul ARETHA
Maker of Expression printers EPSON
Work at home CATCH
Warren Buffett’s home OMAHA
Palindromic fluid unit MINIM
Lodge group ELKS
Sprint, e.g. TELECOM
D and C in D.C. STS
Uncontrollable excitement HYSTERIA
Play boy? ACTOR
It might generate some interest LOAN
Blows up LOSESIT
Tats INK
Clara Bow nickname ITGIRL
Domain REALM
Thinker’s conclusion IAM
Sylphlike SLENDER
Back from slumberland AWAKE
Functions ROLES
Pinochle scores MELDS
Choice ELITE
Babe’s master BUNYAN
Grouper, e.g. SEABASS
Warning word DONT
Cabinet dept. since 1979 EDUC
They happen, they say ACCIDENTS
"Amahl and the Night Visitors" writer MENOTTI
Begin to practice TAKEUP
Mouth, slangily TRAP
Kelly of TV RIPA
Reef residents EELS
Final Four initials NCAA
Back on a boat STERN
Fork-tailed bird TERN
Music’s Moetley ___ CRUE
Won’t share HOGS
Stereotypical spy wear CLOAK
Early times, poetically MORNS
Highlands village that appears for only one day every 100 years BRIGADOON
Have an inclination SLOPE
Like the Jabberwock, by the vorpal blade SLAIN
Safari sighting RHINO
Uncertain INDOUBT
Women’s golf garment SKORT
Nullify REVOKE
Era-spanning tale SAGA
Standing on ATOP
Jerk the wheel VEER
Notable 1962 launch TELSTAR
Royal Indian title RAJA
Woody trunk BOLE
Bodily passage ITER
Nautical ropes TYES
No-frills SIMPLE
Bird on a Canadian dollar LOON
___ II (king of Jordan) ABDULLAH
Puts away, as a hose COILSUP
Easier to comprehend CLEARER
Like lambs OVINE
Replace on the mound RELIEVE
Christian of "Mr. Robot" SLATER
Longest-serving reporter on "60 Minutes" SAFER
San Marino surrounder ITALY
Mother of Luke and Leia PADME
Overcharge GOUGE
Banking expert? PILOT
Manual readers USERS
Bette’s "All About Eve" character MARGO
Williams of "Happy Days" ANSON
Hitchhiker’s hope RIDE
Boat captain’s nickname SKIP
Prospector’s find ORE
Refrain syllable TRA
Offshoot of calypso SKA