Wall Street Crossword Answers March 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sported WORE
Cry from Laura Petrie OHROB
Coll. kin UNIV
Collaborate with a criminal, in a way ABET
Impoverished NEEDY
Pleasant NICE
Colosseum locale ROME
Book publisher’s garment for boating safety? LIFEJACKET
Start of a formal letter DEARSIR
Young hooters OWLETS
Put ___ appearance INAN
Flood stopper LEVEE
Book publisher’s Capitol helpers? SENATEPAGES
Quick snooze NAP
Ride a ten-speed CYCLE
Equip RIG
Completely reasonable SANE
Spoken exams ORALS
Takes too much, in a way ODS
___ four (miniature cake) PETIT
Floral symbol of purity LILY
Cow’s call MOO
"Once upon ___…" ATIME
Rep.’s rival DEM
Book publisher’s low-growing plants? GROUNDCOVER
Minimal amount LEAST
Painter Magritte RENE
Released, as a statement ISSUED
Brain parts CEREBRA
Book publisher’s market indicator? STOCKINDEX
Cupboard part DOOR
Himalayan holy man LAMA
Tolerate ABIDE
Five carats GRAM
Spots for contacts EYES
It may hold a flag pin LAPEL
Wraps up ENDS
City section WARD
Slender woodwind OBOE
"Don’t panic!" REMAINCALM
In perpetuity ETERNALLY
One way to shop ONLINE
Bequest recipient HEIR
Worker with a whistle REF
Praiseful poem ODE
"My word!" BYJOVE
Donald, to Huey, Dewey and Louie UNCLE
Parent company of Converse NIKE
Rapper-actor on "Law & Order: SVU" ICET
November 11 honorees VETS
Really impresses AWES
Gratifies fully SATES
Arranged for publication LAIDOUT
Provokes EGGSON
Haul over the coals SCOLD
Eagle’s home: Var. EYRIE
TV teasers PROMOS
Like residents who have never moved NATIVEBORN
Japanese film genre ANIME
Saint recognized as the first Pope PETER
Made nervous SETONEDGE
Indiana cager PACER
Computer whiz GEEK
Tire type RADIAL
Philadelphia school DREXEL
"Star Wars" creator LUCAS
Cruise stop ISLE
Stopover STAY
Vague amount SOME
Hand over CEDE
Pothole’s place ROAD
Prepares for battle ARMS
37-Down’s org. NBA
Party bowlful DIP