Wall Street Crossword Answers March 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Capone chaser NESS
Glade setting FOREST
Make a quick note JOT
Teal’s cousin AQUA
Park or Pennsylvania AVENUE
Former "SNL" player Gasteyer ANA
Utterance after deliberate wordplay PUNINTENDED
Goalie’s place NET
Spanish squiggle TILDE
Pont ___ (Paris bridge) NEUF
Raised ridge WELT
"Be right there!" INASEC
Justin Timberlake, e.g. POPIDOL
It may begin "FYI" MEMO
Crunch targets ABS
Cart off REMOVE
Medium power ESP
Imitates a beaver GNAWS
Foil alternative EPEE
Irritating vine POISONIVY
Dentist’s directive SPIT
Destroy slowly ERODE
Vert.’s counterpart HOR
Japanese for "way of the gods" SHINTO
She may be sheared EWE
Ancient letter RUNE
Polar seas sight PACKICE
Disgraces SHAMES
Cases for Torah scrolls ARKS
Clump of dirt CLOD
Find darling ADORE
Place for pampering SPA
Gym activity PUMPINGIRON
Recipe direction MIX
"Twelfth Night" duke ORSINO
Censored stuff SMUT
"Didn’t I tell you?" SEE
High regard ESTEEM
Gas company with toy trucks HESS
Down period NAPTIME
Zebras, horses and asses EQUINES
Tanning salon device SUNLAMP
Gave confirmation SAIDSO
Dieter’s no-no FAT
Spot for a roast OVEN
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Become, ultimately ENDUP
Try to win, in court SUEFOR
Talking stuffed bear of film TED
Unidentified woman JANEDOE
Classic Bob Marley tune ONELOVE
Inform to Mom TATTLE
Named before marriage NEE
Hardly courageous WIMPY
"Pretty please?" CANI
Pet complaint? PEEVE
Runner’s goal BASE
Gave a damn? SWORE
"The Teflon Don" GOTTI
Deposit in some banks SNOW
Carnations’ cousins PINKS
March 15, e.g. IDES
Permanent marker brand SHARPIE
Prospector’s tool PICKAXE
"I know it’s dumb, but do it anyway" HUMORME
Burdensome ONEROUS
Takes exception to RESENTS
Involuntary jerks SPASMS
Takes place OCCURS
Salad bar item RADISH
Nightmarish address, briefly ELMST
Witch HAG
Ron Howard TV role OPIE
Eat by candlelight, perhaps DINE
"Once upon a midnight dreary" writer POE
Nantes name NOM