Wall Street Crossword Answers March 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Genoa, e.g. JIB
Flatten SMUSH
Boardwalk chew TAFFY
Pronouncement before kissing IDO
Seven: Prefix HEPTA
Botanical companion? FLOWERPET
Home of the Ephesians IONIA
Crumbly salad additive FETA
Word of support YEA
Utterly wrong ALLWET
Expensive pill? GOLDMED
Bonny belle LASS
Scout’s work RECON
Cap feature VISOR
Cargo port sights CRANES
Word processor’s "stet" REDO
Kings’ org. NBA
It fell in March 2001 MIR
Four or five, or how to make the theme answers in this puzzle SEVERAL
Solar wind bit ION
Animation PEP
Named, briefly IDED
Join the staff SIGNON
Something a good boxer might earn TREAT
Unquestionable doctrine DOGMA
Prefix for distant or angular EQUI
Child-care expense? TOTCOST
Split relative SUNDAE
Sock sound BAM
Radio format TALK
Trig table readings SINES
Central American toilet? PANAMACAN
Enjoyed tremendously ATEUP
Hau’ula hello ALOHA
Gp. with co-pays HMO
Sounds from pounds YELPS
Make a case PLEAD
Diminish EBB
Not operating IDLE
Dismiss unceremoniously BOOT
"___ walks in beauty, like the night": Byron SHE
2017 Oscar nominee as Florence MERYL
Calliope power STEAM
It may be checked HAT
Pursue TAIL
Twin of Artemis APOLLO
"Jaws" theme? FINWARNING
Angler’s collection FLIES
"Sailing to Byzantium" poet YEATS
Pioneer’s vehicle WAGON
Maker of Gazelle shoes ADIDAS
Baby Gap buy ONESIE
Continually EVER
Mounties’ org. RCMP
Port of Pennsylvania ERIE
Koi passageway? CARPTUNNEL
Stripes’ counterparts SOLIDS
Suit color RED
Prosperous period BOOM
Kendrick of "Up in the Air" ANNA
Officially negate VETO
Must, informally GOTTA
Become uncomfortable, in a way RIDEUP
Montaigne work ESSAY
Rather QUITE
Little batters’ game TBALL
Camp craft CANOE
It’s across the Missouri from Council Bluffs OMAHA
Reptiles in hieroglyphics ASPS
Persistent pain ACHE
Common gyro ingredient LAMB
Useful item for openers KNOB
Drivel PAP
Fit to be tied MAD