Wall Street Crossword Answers March 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
That Great Lake you always see in crosswords MCIA
Painter of dancers DEGAS
That Nevada city you always see in crosswords LSEA
Sweep’s coating SOOT
Dispirited player’s admission ILOST
Kicking pair LEGS
Lo-cal LITE
Downward trend SLOPE
"And another thing…" ALSO
Freaky journey ACIDTRIP
In spite of that YET
That Will Smith movie you always see in crosswords IOO
Widely respected EMINENT
Diesel alternative LEE
Linnaeus or Nobel SWEDE
That district of Manhattan you always see in crosswords FAIO
Leave the union SECEDE
It may be inflated EGO
Cali gal pal AMIGA
"This is so frustrating…" GRR
No longer encumbered by RIDOF
Decks, briefly KOS
Acres of trees FOREST
___ Mountains (that Europe-Asia- straddling range you always see in crosswords) CUAU
Tendon SINEW
Beat everybody WIN
"Willkommen" show CABARET
Detachable vehicle POD
Goat’s sound MAA
Short form, for short ABBREV
They often form around a certain model AUTOCUBS
Macnee’s 1960s co-star RIGG
Not totally against OPNTO
Sean of "Rudy" ATIN
Together, in music ADUE
Novelist Edward Bulwer-___ LYTON
Number before ocho SETE
Hamilton’s bills TENS
"About a Quarter __" TOINE
C user CDER
Need to look for, maybe MSLAY
Decision COICE
Outfielder’s cry IOTIT
Paid for cards ATED
Prepares to bathe DISROES
"Billy ___" ELLIO
Hair gel, e.g. GOOP
Nasty snake ASP
Came (from) STEMMED
Willowy SELTE
Encourages bad behavior from EGSON
Classify ASORT
Flag TIE
Soft duck feathers EIDER
Big pitchers EWERS
Protracted LOG
Auger shape SCREW
Criticism FAK
Prefix with sphere AMO
Part of the eye IIS
Bittern’s kin EGRET
Cabinet dept. EDU
Be for Halloween GOA
"The Sum ___" (Russell Crowe film) OFU
Blazing AFIRE
Volunteer’s phrase ICN
What will drive an ampere through an ohm ONEVOLT
Dichromatic TWOTONE
Looie inferiors SARGES
Chapel pledge IDO
Diamond unit CARAT
Tolerate ABIDE
"A Christmas Story" present BBGUN
With no sound MUTED
"Take ___ out of crime" ABITE
Ed of "Elf" ASNER
Not pro ANTI
That spaghetti sauce brand you always see in crosswords CASC
That quarterback Manning you always see in crosswords PYO