Wall Street Crossword Answers March 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
"___ My Ride" (old MTV show) PIMP
Give away for free COMP
Defrost, as a roast THAW
Folk singer Burl IVES
Finished OVER
Home of the Marlins MIAMI
18 years, in the U.S. VOTINGAGE
Hatch in the Senate ORRIN
Refinery stuff ORE
Refinery stuff OIL
Walks decisively STRIDES
Oppressive leader TYRANT
Condescends DEIGNS
Concert arranger BOOKINGAGENT
Puzzle with pictures REBUS
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
Place, as a bet LAY
Scads ALOT
Big name in pest control ORKIN
Radar screen flash BLIP
Britney Spears song "___ Slave 4 U" IMA
Cranium contents BRAIN
Usher’s path AISLE
Relatively recently NOTSOLONGAGO
Haunted house inhabitants SPOOKS
Pill bottle info DOSAGE
Superman has a prominent one JAWLINE
Train unit CAR
Texting "ha-ha!" LOL
Once more AGAIN
T. Rex song subtitled "Get It On" BANGAGONG
Prompter’s job CUING
Away from the wind, nautically ALEE
Faris of TV’s "Mom" ANNA
German philosopher Immanuel KANT
"Phooey!" RATS
Toothed wheel GEAR
Swivel PIVOT
Soap that floats IVORY
About 39 inches METER
Next-to-last Greek letter PSI
"___ ergo sum" COGITO
Track shape OVAL
"Little Women" sister MEG
Doing a demo of PRESENTING
Strenuous TIRING
Aggressive pitches HARDSELLS
Female friend in France AMIE
Takes the title WINS
Freeman of films MORGAN
Forbidden acts NONOS
Big cat hybrid TIGON
Be adjacent to ABUT
New York mayor between Koch and Giuliani DINKINS
Venue for amateur singers KARAOKEBAR
Finger feature NAIL
Monsoon weather RAIN
Red character on "Sesame Street" ELMO
Officer in charge of a ship’s crew BOATSWAIN
Synthetic fiber ORLON
Life stories, in brief BIOS
Disapproval from the fans BOOING
Old Greek marketplace AGORA
Support for a broken bone SPLINT
Wise sayings ADAGES
Unaccompanied ALONE
"___ Fly Now" ("Rocky" song) GONNA
"Pomp and Circumstance" composer ELGAR
Lowest face card JACK
Water, to Juan AGUA
Popular tech news site CNET
In the style of ALA
Joke inside four of the Across answers GAG