Wall Street Crossword Answers March 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
[Duck] TEAL
Field workers REFS
Uses a Taser on ZAPS
Snow queen of "Frozen" ELSA
Object of adulation IDOL
Zellweger of "Chicago" RENEE
Put out EMIT
Of a Mexican desert SONORAN
"Uh-huh" YUP
Compiler of synonyms ROGET
"Dancing Queen" group ABBA
One with a habit NUN
Spike’s miniature cousin BRAD
Superlative TOPRATE
Alma mater of Thomas, Alito and Sotomayor YALELAW
Rural enclosures STIES
Kunis of "Jupiter Ascending" MILA
Fertilization targets OVA
Counterpart of 37-Down YANG
"They got me!" IMHIT
Hold up ROB
Outlook alternative AOLMAIL
Percy Jackson, e.g. DEMIGOD
Kids’ show of 1996-2006, or what’s within brackets in this puzzle BLUESCLUES
Renewable energy source WIND
Brings in EARNS
Item that comes with a Magic Mouse IMAC
Utah ski resort ALTA
Corrosive cleaners LYES
Starch plant TARO
[Military force] NAVY
Concert souvenirs TEES
Giggly Muppet ELMO
"T ___ Thomas" ASIN
Sister of Janet and Jermaine LATOYA
Make tatters out of RIPAPART
Unspoiled spot EDEN
In favor of FOR
Loafer, e.g. SLIPON
"Mind without mind" condition ZENSTATE
"Lonely Boy" singer ANKA
Cartoon caveman’s garb PELT
Goes out with SEES
React to yeast, say RISE
Word after living or minimum WAGE
Dances for Desi RUMBAS
Cleared (of) RID
Restless ANTSY
Sales goal QUOTA
Remove, as a brooch UNPIN
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Mentioned in the following paragraphs BELOW
Pixar film with the heroine Merida BRAVE
Menachem shared the Peace Prize with him ANWAR
Zigzag downhill SLALOM
Systematic routines REGIMENS
Counterpart of 42-Across YIN
Like terrace dining ALFRESCO
"The A-Team" co-star MRT
Smart, in a way CHIC
Like kerosene lamps OILLIT
Mentor to Luke OBIWAN
Force over acceleration MASS
Ill-fated brother ABEL
Big name in skin care OLAY
Entice LURE
Sweetie DEAR
Colorado River tributary GILA
Airing ONTV
June 6, 1944 DDAY
Thurman of film UMA