Wall Street Crossword Answers November 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Start of a Garden of Eden palindrome MADAM
Cross words? SPAT
Cable channel for those with a green thumb HGTV
Safari alternative OPERA
See 35-Across TIDE
Diva’s number ARIA
*Commodores hit of 1977 BRICKHOUSE
Farrier’s tool RASP
They’re smoked by the Dutch EELS
1987 title role for Kim Basinger NADINE
Uneasy feeling MALAISE
___ Sea (part of the Arctic Ocean) BARENTS
Full price payers ADULTS
Came back, as a severed head of the Hydra REGREW
Great Lakes mnemonic HOMES
Herb in a Simon & Garfunkel song SAGE
Persian for "king" SHAH
With 15-Across, 1953 song that was a hit for the Righteous Brothers in 1965 EBB
*Mine vehicle ORECART
Wall St. event IPO
Angler’s need REEL
Like scoreless games at halftime EVEN
Thin columns WISPS
Martha of Motown REEVES
Spear with a sandwich PICKLE
Far from broke MONEYED
Unrefined COARSE
The U.S.’s M1 Abrams, for one TANK
Like hen’s teeth, it’s said RARE
*Winter pair WOOLGLOVES
Goes on to say ADDS
Magazine with horoscopes ELLE
Order out EXILE
Sound meant to be heard by only one person PSST
Two-time World Series champs of the 1970s REDS
Start of a warning, often DONOT
Crazed group MOB
Fourth mo. APR
"Vox populi, vox ___" DEI
Up-and-down path ARC
Captain Picard’s catchphrase MAKEITSO
Pilfered STOLE
Papal name used 12 times PIUS
Pitches between innings, e.g. ADS
Person born in 1999 or 2001 TEENAGER
Monster Thickburger chain HARDEES
*Old Overholt or Wild Turkey, e.g. GRAINWHISKY
Archaic contraction TISNT
Enjoys an e-cig VAPES
Oil company with annual toy trucks HESS
Part of ETA, for short ARR
Bill of jokes MAHER
Pueblo material ADOBE
*Where employees log long hours? LUMBERYARDS
It may be blonde ALE
Kicked off BEGAN
Meet events RACES
1995 Brad Pitt thriller SEVEN
Cook’s concern? APPLE
Sprayed (off) HOSED
TripAdvisor contributor REVIEWER
Train convenience LEGREST
Clinch ICE
Hosp. areas ERS
Groundbreaking arcade game PONG
Cancel, as plans SCRAP
Plenty LOADS
44 of 50 current state governors MALES
Related TOLD
"Splendid work!" OLE
Kitchenware brand OXO
Rouge or blanc beverage VIN
"Livin’ Thing" band ELO
Ready SET