Wall Street Crossword Answers November 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Monaco menu CARTE
River through Kazakhstan URAL
Short trip HOP
Disagreement FLAP
Bahrain bigwigs AMIRS
Some old iPods NANOS
Capitulate CAVE
Tomato type ROMA
Alternatively, causes a flood? GIVESEMHIGHWATER
Meadow moms EWES
Important time on Veterans Day ELEVENAM
Broadcast network AIRER
Some spa offerings PEELS
Alternatively, a challenge to go streaking? NAKEDDARE
Tickler’s target RIB
Pac-12 athlete UTE
Maria Shriver, to John F. Kennedy NIECE
Gershwin song "___ Doing All Right" IWAS
For example SAY
Contract extra PERK
Oslo-born Olympic champion skater HENIE
Ore-Ida morsel TATERTOT
Alternatively, plane travel that includes a meal? FOODFLIGHT
Intentionally ambiguous DELPHIC
Cavalry soldier LANCER
Arboretum flora TREES
Pacific SERENE
Outback bird EMU
Mets infielder Jose REYES
Left ventricle outlet AORTA
Football coach Nick with five national championships SABAN
Autumn bouquet MUMS
Alternatively, a thief of campaign souvenirs? BUTTONCROOK
On the DL HURT
"Tiny Alice" playwright ALBEE
Dog covering KRAUT
Kemper who plays Kimmy ELLIE
Date SEE
NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard ENGEL
Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Tom Selleck TVSTAR
Narrow channels STRAITS
Alternatively, an inexpensive goody? CHEAPTREAT
Shooting, perhaps ONTHESET
Sweltered BAKED
In the sack ABED
Embargo BAN
___ the finish INAT
Pinkish Crayola color MELON
Hollywood brother of 7-Down ARI
Anticipatory time EVE
Alternatively, afflictions of folks who do lots of horseback riding? SORETAILS
Send in, as payment REMIT
Electrolux alternative ORECK
Hair lightener PEROXIDE
Oklahoma city ENID
Alternatively, rebate for a garbage hauler at the end of the second quarter? JUNECARTERCREDIT
You might blow it FUSE
Split bit ATOM
Peter of Herman’s Hermits NOONE
Nine Inch Nails singer Reznor TRENT
Hardy heroine TESS
Short answer YES
Sondheim’s barber TODD
Sondheim’s milieu STAGE
Puts behind bars CAGESUP
Question upon untimely arrival AMILATE
Rosie’s job RIVETER
Fontana di ___ TREVI
Big Bertha’s birthplace ESSEN
Like drones UNMANNED
Mayor Emanuel RAHM
Request of Pat Sajak ANI
Record book LOG
Terse review HATEDIT
Pricing word PER
Available FREE
Alternatively, has some cosmetic surgery? LOWERSTHEBUST
Henry Fielding novel AMELIA
Conclude a deal SHAKE
Hand unit CARD
Rock producer Brian ENO
"___ geht’s?" (German "How are you?") WIE
Apothecary tools PESTLES
Crewmate of Buzz NEIL
Score well on a test ACEIT
___ back (rises up) RARES
Like Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony INF
Bucket letters KFC
Biblical mount HOREB
Fox series that took place in Newport Beach THEOC
Pied-___ ATERRE
"Queen of All Media" OPRAH
Anthem contraction OER
Recipient of a foundation award GRANTEE
Measured using square units INAREA
Pivot position CENTER
24-hour car race LEMANS
Alternatively, a beauty pageant winner? NUMBERONEMISS
Plane that needs little runway, briefly STOL
Chuckle YUK
To be, in Toulon ETRE
Part of a golf lesson STANCE
2015 Verizon purchase AOL
Lot choice SEDAN
Is obligated OUGHT
Like some checks KITED
Fussy about picking friends ELITIST
Giardino dell’Eden woman EVA
Race-related: Prefix ETHNO
Price place LABEL
Union in D.C., e.g. STA
Way to the New World SEAROUTE
Ring finish, for short TKO
Depicted artistically RENDERED
Catering heaters STERNOS
"I wouldn’t do that if I were you" BADIDEA
Wearing thin ERODING
Breakfast spot DINETTE
Deprived BEREFT
Park in New York AVENUE
Basketball Hall of Famer George MIKAN
Be abundant TEEM
UNC and FSU are in it ACC
Middle-earth meanie ORC
Law school topic TORTS
Put out EXERT
Dangerous date IDES
Await PEND
Harsh-voiced bird JAY
Putrefy ROT
Excessively TOO