Wall Street Crossword Answers November 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Carrying current LIVE
Symbol on a Scrabble board’s center space STAR
Arrive at REACH
"Like that’ll ever happen!" ASIF
Golfer’s front or back NINE
Impressive display ARRAY
Here’s the scoop VANILLAICECREAM
It might be obtuse ANGLE
Ride for hire TAXI
TV journalist Curry ANN
Here’s the catch REDSNAPPER
Screeching bird SHRIKE
Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 EROICA
Sizable serpent BOA
Small change NICKEL
"Let’s get going!" CMON
Collection for the poor ALMS
Org. with many secrets CIA
Shoelace problem KNOT
Microwave sound BEEP
Vessels from hearts AORTAS
Mine extraction ORE
Criticize strongly ASSAIL
Passes, as a law ENACTS
Here’s the pitch ROOFINGTAR
Antibullying ad, in brief PSA
Some pop groups DUOS
Starting squad ATEAM
Complete reversal UTURN
Home inspection issue MOLD
Fall guy? ADAM
Fracking target SHALE
Attachment for draft horses YOKE
Hot flow LAVA
"No man ___ island" ISAN
Luther Stickell’s portrayer in the "Mission: Impossible" movies VINGRHAMES
Taxpayer who’s gone paperless EFILER
NBC weekend fixture SNL
___ Maria TIA
Maria’s pal in "West Side Story" ANITA
Postgame summary RECAP
More suggestive RACIER
Get it wrong ERR
Parallelogram calculation AREA
He played Pacino’s brother in "The Godfather" CAAN
Song for the masses HYMN
Did an usher’s job LEDIN
Kick out EXPEL
Try a run SKI
Candy wafer brand NECCO
It beats scissors ROCK
Boot bottoms SOLES
"Give me a few more minutes!" IMNOTREADY
Brewer with a "Banquet Beer" COORS
Cost for cards ANTE
Rich sponge cake BABA
Cocktail with a black currant flavor KIR
Finished off EATEN
Prepare for a fight SPAR
For all to hear ALOUD
Two-time Best Director Lee ANG
Dealer in souls SATAN
Nutrient in seaweed IODINE
Fed a neighbor’s feline, say CATSAT
Like bubble baths FOAMY
Schoolyard comeback ISTOO
"Besides that…" PLUS
Enemy of the Jedi SITH
Greenish-blue hue AQUA
"Take ___!" (track coach’s directive) ALAP
Viral video, e.g. MEME
Digital address URL
Sort ILK
Lyrical tribute ODE