Wall Street Crossword Answers November 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sign of spring TAURUS
Cloud chamber bit ION
Aretha’s realm SOUL
Zagreb’s nation, on Olympic scoreboards CRO
Pointing pronoun THAT
Major headache HASSLE
Four quarters ONE
Loan application stamp APPROVED
Bolts down EATS
Puerto Rico hrs. AST
Seasoned rice dish PILAF
Homeboy’s address DAWG
False front? PSEUDO
Potluck staples CASSEROLES
Blood count, familiarly? DRAC
NYC’s first subway line IRT
Cognac-and-Cointreau drink, and what each of this puzzle’s border answers is SIDECAR
Apple core, briefly CPU
"Va-va-va-___!" VOOM
Couple on a bus TAILLIGHTS
White Rabbit’s lament IMLATE
Contents of magazines AMMO
Heliopolis Palace setting CAIRO
Canton of central Switzerland URI
Wash and chop the veggies, say PREP
Walked unsteadily TOTTERED
It’s a cinch in Sapporo OBI
Honus Wagner baseball cards, e.g. RARITIES
Favorable, as an opportunity GOLDEN
Nation north of the Strait of Hormuz IRAN
Sixth col., often FRI
Tijuana Brass trumpeter ALPERT
Luxury hotel name OMNI
Tailor’s concern FIT
Conquistador Hernando DESOTO
Sierra Nevada lake TAHOE
Yoga posture ASANA
Stadium surprise UPSET
Legal matter RES
Joe Bruin’s sch. UCLA
Flight component STEP
"Happy Birthday" artists, perhaps ICERS
"Then again, I could be wrong" ORNOT
Parental threat to a misbehaving child NOTV
Hit the books STUDIED
Post-explanation chorus OHS
Nation south of the Strait of Hormuz: Abbr. UAE
Inc. relative LTD
Drill bits? HEPS
Storied shrine PAGODA
1960s campus org. SDS
Butler to Morticia and Gomez LURCH
Roll with life’s punches ADAPT
Concentrate FOCUS
He lost to DDE twice AES
Song of David PSALM
Municipal CIVIC
Luncheonette lure AROMA
Absolut rival, for short STOLI
Island chain? LEI
Patisserie treat ECLAIR
Lens holder RIM
Bond order MARTINI
Elephant org. GOP
Be a whistleblower TOOT
Ultrasound targets UTERI
Pose again RESIT
Where you might see some big bucks RODEO
"Your Movie Sucks" author EBERT
Mottled mount PINTO
Squabble TIFF
"Zounds!" EGAD
Loser to Clinton in 1996 DOLE
City close to the Tropic of Capricorn RIO
Slot machine lever ARM
Appeared in the paper RAN
Old platters LPS