Wall Street Crossword Answers November 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
Highly displeased with MADAT
"Silence!" CANIT
Nonprofessional LAY
Root beer brand BARQS
Play for which Robert Morse won a Best Actor Tony TRU
It may include a no-smoking clause LEASE
Canyon GORGE
Barely defeat in an elimination tournament EKEBY
Lacking sophistication CRUDE
Chronic critic NAG
Wispy clouds CIRRI
Ninnies ASSES
Tape recorder button EJECT
Big bird EMU
"A Doll’s House" lead NORA
Avoid a trial, say SETTLE
Prepares steak Diane or bananas Foster FLAMBES
Clayton Kershaw, notably SOUTHPAW
Org. with a panda logo WWF
Tripping ONACID
Brewer Adams SAM
Hip-hop record exec Gotti IRV
City section WARD
Russian space station until 2001 MIR
Assent at sea AYE
"A Bell for Adano" author John HERSEY
Calculating Turing ALAN
Lousy newspaper RAG
Zebu or zebra ANIMAL
*Reality show since 2009 (Note: This one’s a bit different from the others) RUPAULSDRAGRACE
With 48-Down, former pitcher whose son Tim is a country singer TUG
Clanton at the O.K. Corral IKE
Speak skyward PRAY
*June Cleaver or Sheldon Cooper, e.g. TVCHARACTER
Go (for) OPT
Spiky weapon MACE
Moor with TIEUPTO
Pops DAD
Alerting sounds BEEPS
Keep an ___ (watch) EYEON
*Size of a small sandbox, for short SQYARD
*1925 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature GBSHAW
Soldier portrayed by Stallone RAMBO
Trigger CAUSE
"V for Vendetta" actor REA
Like a poker ante PREDEAL
Signed off on OKED
Archaic agreement TIS
*Iconic glower GELIGHTBULB
Subdivision subdivision ACRE
"Rocky III" actor MRT
Scratching post user CAT
Text additions EMOJIS
*Airstream and Winnebago, notably RVMANUFACTURERS
Temple athlete OWL
Shiraz’s country IRAN
Five Nations tribe SENECA
Personals abbr. SWF
Sapporo soup MISO
Support BRACE
More unusual ODDER
Popular HOT
Smackers BUCKS
Ingredient in "Mormon tea" EPHEDRA
About when you plan to show up, for short ETA
How movie villains grin EVILLY
See 57-Across MCGRAW
Rumored 2020 presidential candidate OPRAH
Dried plum PRUNE
Piglike creature TAPIR
Seven after Jan. AUG
Nigerian crop YAMS
Persian Gulf nat. UAE
Sunbeam RAY
In the way of ALA
The $2.5-million Bugatti Chiron, e.g. CAR
Last part END