Wall Street Crossword Answers November 25th 2017

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Clue Solution
Exclamation point, in hacker lingo BANG
___ mater ALMA
Switch to plastic, say REBAG
Fleece SCAM
Tech support callers USERS
Audrey’s "Robin and Marian" co-star SEAN
Tickle AMUSE
Bounding stride LOPE
"No, I’m not leaving a tip!"? CHEAPSHOUT
Save the Mosquitoes, perhaps? WORSTCAUSE
Dispirited BLUE
Number of courses MEAL
Dead-end street sign NOOUTLET
Canaries owner SPAIN
Pioneer in number theory GAUSS
Emptied a bucket on DOUSED
Brownish-gray color of whisky? SCOTCHTAUPE
Customs WONTS
Joyful answer IDO
Astonished utterances OHS
Unhurried EASY
Figurehead’s position PROW
Organ part STOP
Finishes behind LOSESTO
First appearance on a countrywide broadcast? NATIONALDEBUT
"A Clockwork Orange" protagonist ALEX
Circle, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola CONICS
Hose attachment GARTER
Lewd moos and the like? CATTLERAUNCH
"The Naked Maja" and "The Clothed Maja" GOYAS
Hosp. areas ERS
About-face UTURN
Blood fluid SERUM
Psi power ESP
Have ___ on one’s shoulder ACHIP
Filipino panhandler? MANILAPAUPER
Handful for a motorist on foot GASCAN
They’re doomed GONERS
Split apart RIVE
Vicar’s assistant who’s armed? PACKINGCURATE
Vicar’s place in the church CHANCEL
"Sad to say…" ALAS
Sounded the hour RANG
Slip-up GOOF
Altdorf’s canton URI
"Uh-huh!" YEP
Group of female seals HAREM
Online site for Nascar fans? RACINGFORUM
Skinless PEELED
Captain of industry BARON
Puts into alignment TRUES
Brunch entree OMELETTE
Bradley with five stars OMAR
Run wild RIOT
Just-filled flour packages? MILLPOUNDS
Marker in the Midas Strait? GOLDENBUOY
Glamour rival ELLE
Like many Pizarro victims INCAN
Fit to serve ONEA
Boxer’s dream TITLE
Imminent NEAR
Judges DEEMS
Reminds a few too many times NAGS
June honorees DADS
Tampa Bay tackle, for short BUC
Pale wood ASH
Formerly named NEE
Reach for greedily GRABAT
ESPN’s Award for Courage is named for him ASHE
Regulus’s constellation LEO
Kenyan insurgents of the 1950s MAUMAU
Join hands? ANTEUP
Silky singer Lou RAWLS
Angsty music genre EMO
"Scram!" GETOUT
List of candidates SLATE
"Is this for real?" COULDITBE
Area beyond the 78-Across APSE
Intersect MEET
Does some genetic tinkering SPLICES
Bonnet with a big brim SUNHAT
Horrify the prudes CUSS
Free from contamination ASEPTIC
Academic SCHOLAR
Spiced drinks made with curdled milk POSSETS
Not straight GAY
Comfort SOLACE
General on many a menu TSO
Tries to win WOOS
Relentlessly gloomy DOUR
Make a choice OPT
Loaded RICH
Match makeup SETS
Tel. no. addition EXT
This answer, for one NOUN
Texas governor before George W. ANN
Ancient gathering place AGORA
Simple basket LAYUP
Williams work DRAMA
Grouse CARP
Longtime "All My Children" star LUCCI
Zeena Frome’s husband ETHAN
Penitent activity RUING
Some hair products GELS
Royal address SIRE
Gastronome EPICURE
Professor Snape’s first name SEVERUS
Early round PRELIM
Proposes as the price ASKS
Hours ere noon MORN
Sport shoe for hoopsters, e.g. ANAGRAM
Badminton need NET
Spigoted vessel URN
Junk mover GALE
Lacking backing, in a way ACAPPELLA
Largest of the Mariana Islands GUAM
Fork over PAY
Plausibility CREDENCE
Take in CON
Render helpless HOGTIE
Insulting action AFFRONT
White Lady ingredient GIN
Duplicitous clerk of fiction HEEP
Self-proclaimed "Curiously Strong Mint" ALTOID
Prepare to play after a break RETUNE
Ferdinand’s kingdom ARAGON
Solar feature visible during an eclipse CORONA
Top on eBay OUTBID
"Oklahoma!" aunt ELLER
Deck crew foremen BOSNS
Hint of things to come OMEN
Pedometer unit MILE
Vitamin nos. RDAS
Livestock mother DAM
Journey portion LEG
Acting pro Hagen UTA
Vintage OLD
"Owner of a Lonely Heart" band YES