Wall Street Crossword Answers November 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Apply a sponge to SOPUP
One might contain pico de gallo TACO
Sour substances ACIDS
Pac-12 footballers UTES
Beyond beefy OBESE
Jump ___ the deep end INAT
Influential music teacher Boulanger NADIA
Captain born Prince Dakkar NEMO
Feigned response to a loud noise? FALSESTART
Tall stack at a Gap store? TFORMATION
Caen crony AMI
Muscat money RIAL
Aerophone with keys OBOE
Premium cable channel owned by MGM EPIX
Be a rusher? RACE
Ephemeral sculptures SNOWMEN
Pay the tab SETTLEUP
Fender attachment AMP
Navy’s mascot GOAT
Bustles ADOS
Opener for stew or pickle INA
Second half of a river boat’s round trip? PUNTRETURN
Robust HARDY
See 69-Across ARUG
Stubborn one ASS
Not up INBED
What might lead hunters to twiddle their thumbs? DELAYOFGAME
One might be hung behind goal posts NET
Hindu honorific SRI
Makes muddy ROILS
End for duct or cup ULE
Filmdom’s Lupino IDA
Kind of snap COLD
NFL safety Trae ELSTON
Tony winner Menzel IDINA
With 51-Across, dance CUT
Proposal that doesn’t follow Robert’s Rules of Order? ILLEGALMOTION
Once called NEE
Briefly fill in for SPELL
Gorsuch’s predecessor SCALIA
Sched. listing APPT
Paint graffiti on TAG
Styled after ALA
Disturbingly unfamiliar ALIEN
Ingredient of eau de mer SEL
Rage IRE
Brazen sexual overture? FORWARDPASS
Last Olds off the assembly line ALERO
LIRR operator MTA
"You said it!" AMEN
Fowl position ROOST
Onstage goings-on? PLAYACTION
Puppy’s bite NIP
Lacking coverage? BALD
Mob melee RIOT
A little butter? KID
Class members STUDENTS
Main ingredient of dal LENTILS
NFL quarterback Ryan MATT
Like a Hail Mary LONG
Congressional worker AIDE
Election Day abbr. TUES
Unduly TOO
Close associate who’s always performing? ONSIDEKICK
React to a hit REEL
Rolling in les francs RICHE
Quaint shop adjective OLDE
Eagle’s home AERIE
Whodunit discovery BODY
Bronco, e.g. STEED
NFL tight end Jordan REED
Clipper parts MASTS
Hitherto SOFAR
His library will be hosted by the University of Chicago OBAMA
Nickname of the Saints’ home PELICANSTATE
Destroyer designation USS
Duke or duchess PEER
Nissan Stadium footballer TITAN
Comparable thing ANALOGUE
Coach for training? CAR
Cushioned footstool OTTOMAN
Composer Webern ANTON
Bookstore feature, often CAFE
It may be heard before a reception IDO
Board member: Abbr. DIR
Insult response SAMETOYOU
Prior to UNTIL
Former Yankees slugger Mark TEIXEIRA
Expressive rock genre EMO
Peyton, to Archie SON
Family address SIS
Rms. for rent APTS
Get into the pool BET
911 call responder EMT
"You said it!" WORD
City about 25 miles south of Tampa Bay SARASOTA
Water, whirled EDDY
You can read it on a quarter back UNUM
Congressional worker PAGE
Elvis’s wife PRISCILLA
Doesn’t keep one’s cool PANICS
Exhausted USEDUP
Sign up, in Southampton ENROL
Low-risk investments TBILLS
Trophy won by Dorsett and Staubach HEISMAN
___ the good (positive) ALLTO
Kept in a barrel, perhaps AGED
Tracking shot needs DOLLIES
Buccaneer’s gun FLINTLOCK
Pragmatic person REALIST
Crabs and crayfish DECAPODS
Funny Russell NIPSEY
Approaching NEARTO
Sea around the Cyclades AEGEAN
Festive occasions GALAS
Puccini product OPERA
Marching band staffers ARRANGERS
Stadium crowd FANS
Drove back REPULSED
Blockhead DOLT
Heaps ALOT
Room to maneuver LATITUDE
NFL quarterback Tebow TIM
Crook BEND
___ zone (area close to the goal line) RED
Crocheter’s creation DOILY
Had a crush on LIKED
Drew in LURED
Ready to go SET
Specifically TOWIT
Phone button sounds TONES
Post-scrimmage woe ACHE
Counterfeit SHAM
Round figure ORB
Role for Keanu NEO
Hobbyist’s buy KIT
Ensure of victory ICE
Futbol cry OLE
Raiders’ org. DEA