Wall Street Crossword Answers November 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Draws to a close ENDS
Trio who traveled to Bethlehem MAGI
Isaac’s older son ESAU
"That’s right!" YEAH
News anchor Hill ERICA
Perfect scores for divers TENS
Fixed charge RATE
*Wrangler product DENIMJEANS
An ace pitcher has a low one ERA
Feathered wrap BOA
Less refined COARSER
Org. with Cubs and Eagles BSA
Macaulay of "Home Alone" CULKIN
*Part of a racy routine DIRTYJOKE
Live-streaming frustrations LAGS
Genesis paradise EDEN
Last part of a professor’s address EDU
Nantucket, for one ISLAND
___ carte ALA
Monica with nine Grand Slam wins SELES
Sci-fi weapon RAY
Hire different actors RECAST
Tel. number add-on EXT
Jewelry box? SAFE
Persistently reject SHUN
*Morose fellow GLOOMYGUS
Professional pursuit CAREER
Outrage IRE
It’s always free of charge NEUTRON
Busy pro in Apr. CPA
Good name for a chef STU
*State with the largest economy in America CALIFORNIA
Arty town of northern New Mexico TAOS
River through Florence ARNO
Like some breakups MESSY
Navy, e.g., or what the starred answers can be, in various ways BLUE
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
___ Club (Costco competitor) SAMS
Combo’s performances SETS
Jane who was a governess at Thornfield Hall EYRE
Close at hand NEAR
Hacker’s feat DATABREACH
Pronoun for a princess SHE
The Beatles’ "Love ___" MEDO
It might follow 1 AREACODE
Ingredient in a Singapore sling GIN
Winter hanger-on ICICLE
Everlasting ETERNAL
Choppy expanses SEAS
First queen of Great Britain ANNE
KGB’s country USSR
Run ___ (go wild) AMOK
Puts in the pen JAILS
Broad cove BAY
Subway stop: Abbr. STN
Instrument played at luaus UKULELE
Letter opener? DEAR
Just sits around IDLES
Clown around JEST
Bargain hunter’s venue GARAGESALE
Major glitch SNAFU
What a colon means in an analogy ISTO
Colors DYES
It deals with personal demons EXORCISM
Event with lots to offer AUCTION
Gobble (down) SNARF
Leb. neighbor SYR
Music categories GENRES
Filmdom’s Farrow MIA
Maneuvering space ROOM
March Madness org. NCAA
Title above viscount EARL
Arm bone ULNA
Picks up the check PAYS
Heavily promote TOUT
Puts into practice USES
Org. that’s the subject of "The Puzzle Palace" NSA
"Conan" network TBS