Wall Street Crossword Answers November 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
First family member ADAM
One of Alcott’s "Little Women" MEG
Del. neighbor PENNA
Wander ROVE
Start of a formal letter SALUTATION
Like many flowers visited by bees CROSSPOLLINATED
Senator Hirono’s state HAWAII
Choir voice ALTO
Cathedral city of eastern England ELY
Chair part LEG
Day divs. HRS
Famed Harlem music hall APOLLOTHEATER
Former senator Cranston ALAN
Ticked off SORE
Diner stack MENUS
Car quartet TIRES
Clinic nickname DOC
Part of a defendant’s case, often ALIBI
Donny’s sister MARIE
A bunch LOTS
Hiding place LAIR
Oscar-winning director of "Out of Africa" SYDNEYPOLLACK
Adj. modifier ADV
King, in Cannes ROI
___ Dhabi ABU
Try to gain, as a political office SEEK
Ionized gas PLASMA
Twins aboard the Argo CASTORANDPOLLUX
"And that’s that!" ENDOFSTORY
Voting process found in the four longest Across answers POLL
Knitting project SCARF
Farm pen STY
Eye amorously OGLE
Keystone setting ARCH
Animated explorer DORA
Admit frankly AVOW
Grand Canyon sight MESA
Tiananmen Square portrait MAO
First name of the First Lady of Jazz ELLA
Con man’s victim GULL
Mountain vista PANORAMA
Greek vowel ETA
Late time, in ads NITE
"Joyeux ___" NOEL
Card who was White House chief of staff from 2001 to 2006 ANDY
Pitches SPIELS
Parishioner’s donation TITHE
Sunny perch for a cat SILL
Largish GOODLY
"A Streetcar Named Desire" sister STELLA
Wanted poster datum ALIAS
Ward off PARRY
New York’s largest lake ONEIDA
Group of soldiers TROOP
Browbeat HECTOR
Computer that weighed 30 tons ENIAC
Cube creator RUBIK
Source of bills ATM
Officer’s honorific SIR
Dispatches SENDSOFF
Hardly fastidious SLOPPY
Civil rights activist Medgar EVERS
Disney girl from 18-Across LILO
High pair ACES
En ___ (in full court) BANC
Meat-inspecting agcy. USDA
Pretzel shape KNOT
Gravy Cravers brand ALPO
Grueling work SLOG
Ponder MULL
Car bar AXLE
Rocky peak TOR
Help with the dishes DRY