Wall Street Crossword Answers November 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bothered ATEAT
Half of seis TRES
Zodiac animal CRAB
Not bother LETBE
Base vehicle JEEP
"Peter and the Wolf" duck OBOE
Hall of Fame outfielder Dawson ANDRE
What the Orlando team’s announcer speaks into? MAGICMIKE
"Don’t go in there!" ITSATRAP
Bar fixture TAP
Debunked thing HOAX
Diatribes SCREEDS
What Miami players experience at the end of a triple overtime game? HEATEXHAUSTION
"Candle in the Wind" name NORMA
Hockey Hall of Famer Bobby ORR
Europe’s highest active volcano ETNA
Like Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 2 INB
Relief for chaps LIPBALM
Greedy person HOG
Series with spinoffs set in Los Angeles and New Orleans NCIS
The Righteous Brothers, e.g. DUO
They use Winnebagos on their vacays RVERS
What Oklahoma City players hit after the game? THUNDERSHOWERS
Advantage in a hockey game HOMEICE
Rickman who played Snape ALAN
Night school subj. ESL
Krypton, for example INERTGAS
Rounds of applause for the Utah players? JAZZHANDS
Painter of "The Scream" MUNCH
Baby wipes additive ALOE
Feud ender TRUCE
It comes with earbuds IPOD
Daredevil Knievel EVEL
"___ luego!" HASTA
See 56-Down ALAI
It’s pitched outside TENT
Pre-takeoff guesses, for short ETDS
Face to the right of George, Thomas and Theodore ABRAHAM
Sister chain of Marshalls TJMAXX
Cut the mustard? REAP
Brain test letters EEG
Superman feature SPITCURL
Enter a tournament COMPETE
Sac fly result RBI
Apollo affirmative AOK
Waggle dance performer BEE
Tokens in the Game of Life CARS
"Insecure" star Issa RAE
Billionaire Blakely who founded Spanx SARA
"I don’t care which" EITHER
Blood drive participants DONORS
Hiccups SNAGS
Big cheese HONCHO
Silvery metallic element ERBIUM
Drifters HOBOS
Freshman’s grade NINTH
"Gracious me!" IDECLARE
Contaminant-free PURE
Don Rickles nickname MRWARMTH
Elicited a blessing SNEEZED
Patagonia’s California headquarters VENTURA
Share some gossip DISH
Brother who outwits a witch HANSEL
Bullring cheer OLE
Pointless IDLE
African grazers GNUS
Invoice abbr. ACCT
Stadium replaced by Citi Field SHEA
With 1-Down, game played with cestas JAI
Cold mountain ALP
Herpetologist hirer ZOO
Veterans Day mo. NOV