Wall Street Crossword Answers November 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Saloon selection ALES
Brand with three peaks in its logo EVIAN
Company with great projections IMAX
Leave the hangar, e.g. TAXI
Photo app tool LASSO
Slushy earth MIRE
Risk a breakdown, in a way OVERSTRAIN
By and by ANON
Pudgy plumber of console fame MARIO
Starchy veggie YAM
Star vehicle LIMO
Contemptible fellows CURS
Soft leather CORDOVAN
Cut for yourself and two friends TRISECT
Flying formations VEES
Holds HAS
Fresh from the farrier, say SHOD
"The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" writer Chopra DEEPAK
At all times EVER
Switch type ONOFF
Move, in real estate jargon RELO
Possible answer to "Parlez-vous anglais?" YESIDO
Cause of a rush GOLD
Grams NAN
Contemptible VILE
Taking a break PAUSING
Capital that’s home to Nationwide COLUMBUS
Fibbies GMEN
Slain shepherd ABEL
P look-alike RHO
Behind the times PASSE
Tennis’s Caroline Wozniacki, e.g. DANE
It won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar in 1988 MOONSTRUCK
Put out EMIT
Tell tale target APPLE
Game played with weapons CLUE
Works with hides TANS
Light course EASYA
Broad players HAMS
Emmy statuette part ATOM
Rock in motion LAVA
Alpha Canis Majoris SIRIUS
It loops the Loop ELT
Fluctuate VARY
With 8-Down, "The Stars, Like Dust" author ISAAC
See 7-Down ASIMOV
Possible answer to "Parlez-vous anglais?" NON
1964 Beatles song IMALOSER
Sienna or Sedona MINIV
Cinnabon stand come-on AROMA
Stroboscope gas XENON
Salve targets SORES
Student driver? SCHOOLB
Sign of trouble REDFLAG
River of Scotland DEE
Bridge tally heading THEY
Dance party RAVE
Cargo unit TON
Brittany, for one DOG
Brittany, for one PENINSULA
Playwright Ayckbourn ALAN
"It was beauty killed" him KONG
Small streams RIVULETS
Coxcomb FOP
None too smart DIM
The Brits call it a tipper DUMPT
Satellite of Jupiter with an ice crust EUROPA
Turn upside down SEARCH
Uniformed student CADET
Sotomayor’s appointer OBAMA
"The State and Revolution" writer LENIN
Galleria array SHOPS
Soapy buildup SCUM
Squeezes (out) EKES
Name after Fannie or Ginnie MAE
Salt source SEA