Wall Street Crossword Answers October 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Washington Monument setting MALL
Dust bit MOTE
Theater backdrop SCRIM
Miscellaneous collection OLIO
Call from a cruiser AHOY
Without help ALONE
Lunch spot CAFE
Frightful DIRE
Try to pass the bar? VAULT
*Was acquainted with rock drummer Keith? KNEWMOON
Sporters of dreadlocks RASTAS
Composer Sibelius JEAN
Bombay and Beefeater GINS
Jennifer Lopez album "J to ___ L-O!" THA
*Wildebeest Preserve? GNUFRONTIER
For one EACH
Burn soother ALOE
Golfer Palmer, familiarly ARNIE
Canon competitor NIKON
Number before quattro TRE
Source of "shampoo" and "bungalow" HINDI
Ski resort in Vermont OKEMO
Ski resort trails RUNS
Round hammer part PEEN
*Declaration of love for a Greek consonant? NUTESTAMENT
Quartet of Monopoly properties: Abbr. RRS
Temple attendees JEWS
"Immediately!" ASAP
Company with a star logo TEXACO
Inaccurate information, and what the starred answers have in common FAKENEWS
"Take ___" (office request) AMEMO
Pants pioneer Strauss LEVI
Olympic track medalist Devers GAIL
Sheet material LINEN
Lampshade shade ECRU
Message machine button ERASE
Explosive report BANG
Libertine’s look LEER
Teasingly mimic MOCK
Mathematician Turing ALAN
What to wear when taking out the junk? LIFEJACKET
"Camelot" composer Frederick LOEWE
Pieta figure MADONNA
River that forms much of Kentucky’s border OHIO
Undecided TORN
Scope out EYE
Georgia’s oldest city SAVANNAH
Museum visit, sometimes CLASSTRIP
Lopsided victory ROUT
At the Staples Center, perhaps INLA
Citi Field squad METS
Waiting room read, for short MAG
Copacabana Beach setting RIO
"The Third Man" author GREENE
Mortise counterpart TENON
A poetry form/With seventeen syllables/And only three lines HAIKU
Extremists ULTRAS
Discussion venue FORUM
Meditative goal INNERPEACE
You might get down from it EIDER
Means of control REINS
Request to a chauffeur HOMEJAMES
Rocket component NOSECONE
Sinusoidal SNAKING
Bill featuring Jefferson’s portrait TWO
Mao follower? TSE
Michael or Gabriel ANGEL
Account TALE
Gulf States ruler EMIR
Warrior of 1990s TV XENA
Salad cheese FETA
River past Rugby AVON
Marionette mover WIRE
Insult SLUR
Where you might find a solution LAB