Wall Street Crossword Answers October 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Tugboat’s fee TOWAGE
Washington Square landmark ARCH
Spray in the pantry PAM
Defense minister under Begin SHARON
Polynesian catch MAHIMAHI
Like many Scots KILTED
Place of business PREMISES
Areas for dressing SORES
Hoppy quaffs ALES
You can bank on them ATMS
Working USABLE
"Brave New World" drug SOMA
Called on VISITED
Lingerie fabric TRICOT
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Scrubber at the sink SOSPAD
Org. with a driving school program AAA
Gerund, e.g. NOUN
"Dear Mama" rapper TUPAC
"Hey, you there!" PSST
Add-___ (extras) ONS
Makeup of the lunar "seas" BASALT
Singapore setting ASIA
Larger than life MYTHIC
Cub raiser LIONESS
"___ that the truth!" AINT
Less tasteful, as a joke SICKER
You can deal with it DECK
Cape Town currency RAND
Spill over SLOSH
Collectible paper items EPHEMERA
One to whom property is left for safekeeping BAILEE
Must have now, to an exec NEEDASAP
Line of trousers INSEAM
"I’d love to!" YES
Cruise stop ISLE
Hunt’s offering, and what you’ll find in the starred answers CATSUP
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Easternmost part of the Northwest Territory OHIO
*Mark Twain and Teddy Roosevelt sported them WALRUSMUSTACHES
Like some wells ARTESIAN
Attacks GOESAT
Objective END
Plentiful AMPLE
Far from plentiful RARE
*Passed pawn, e.g. CHESSTACTIC
That guy HIM
*Potluck offerings PASTACASSEROLES
"I’m standing right here!" AHEM
Complete whiff MISS
View from Biscayne Bay MIAMI
Name on the "Brave New World" cover ALDOUS
*Foster, twice BESTACTRESS
Former fort near Monterey ORD
Copperhead’s delivery VENOM
Tongue-in-cheek humor IRONY
Date palm setting OASIS
Brighton "bye-byes" TATAS
Stop for the stressed SPA
Hardly ruddy PALLID
"What’s My Line?" participant PANELIST
Recycling center? BIN
Enjoyed nature, in a way HIKED
Olympic skater Baiul OKSANA
Potions prof at Hogwarts SNAPE
Repudiate DENY
Sport in which both competitors can score simultaneously EPEE
Kazakhstan border sea ARAL
Junior in the Pro Football Hall of Fame SEAU
Canvas base HEMP
Prelude to juin MAI
Gel-ocity pen maker BIC