Wall Street Crossword Answers October 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
It may be held by a clip AMMO
Digitizes, in a way SCANS
Ballpark souvenirs CAPS
Depiction on the reverse of the Canadian dollar LOON
Plant pollinated by a moth YUCCA
"No offensive player may trip an opponent," e.g. RULE
Mastery required when training peregrines? FALCONTROL
Something that comes to a head IDEA
Behind, so to speak INDEBT
Language closely related to Finnish ESTONIAN
Twisty path ESS
Barrel wood OAK
He stabs Roderigo IAGO
Result of throwing a dictionary into a wood chipper? LEXICONFETTI
Phoenix surroundings? ASHES
Broods MOPES
Radius setting ARM
Meathead CLOD
Meatheads DOLTS
Singly APOP
Staff MAN
Attendant spirits GENII
Sounds from a flock AMENS
Using a semicolon for a wink, say? EMOTICONCEPT
Boxer Bartolo SAL
Test setting LAB
First practical electric lights ARCLAMPS
One way to be awakened RUDELY
Spoils LOOT
Target of many an Oscar Mayer ad? BACONSUMER
Statistician’s calculation MODE
Weaken over time ERODE
Hours ere noon MORN
Programming chart, informally SKED
Was worthy of RATED
Hand outlay ANTE
1966 film nominated for the Best Picture Oscar ALFIE
Haunted house sounds MOANS
Die-casting needs MOLDS
At some early date ONCE
Linguist’s topic SYNTAX
Share of the profits CUT
Measure for a lot ACRE
Lt.’s subordinates NCOS
Premium product SALTINES
Display discomfiture CRINGE
Cassette contents AUDIOTAPE
Urgent request PLEA
Spicer portrayed by Melissa McCarthy on "SNL" SEAN
Some winds OBOES
Palookas OAFS
Garment whose name means "wear-thing" KIMONO
Was winning LED
Firth of "The King’s Speech" COLIN
Public perception of an event, politically OPTICS
Security program in a 1982 movie TRON
Sitter’s handfuls IMPS
Close dramatically SLAM
Military academy cornerstone HONORCODE
Last page, sometimes DECEMBER
Qty. AMT
River through Painted Rock Reservoir GILA
High grade APLUS
Pitched TILTED
Was worthy of EARNED
Seafood platter wedge LEMON
Well-caffeinated, perhaps ALERT
David of Talking Heads BYRNE
Some charity ALMS
It starts in the corner ROOK
Legal opener PARA
50-Down, by birth SCOT
Russia’s equivalent of our House DUMA
Lyrical lines ODE