Wall Street Crossword Answers October 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Damages forever SCARS
Fine-tune TWEAK
Texting format, for short SMS
Strong point ASSET
2011 Johnny Depp film awarded the Best Animated Feature Oscar RANGO
"Tic ___ Dough" TAC
One way to love somebody LIKEASISTER
Mean pitchers try to keep low ERA
Lucy of "Elementary" LIU
Accidentally INERROR
Valhalla VIP ODIN
Over the outfield fence GONE
Omerta enforcers DONS
Took top honors WON
Hirer of Pat and Vanna MERV
Identify, as in a Facebook photo TAG
Utterly fails to be competitive, electorally GETSNOVOTES
Muscle targeted by pulldowns LAT
Political Al GORE
Today, to Tomas HOY
Remote control button MUTE
"I Spy" actor CULP
Palace address SIRE
"Riffing off your idea…" ALONGTHESELINES
Beloved hoofer ASTAIRE
Brown in bookstores DAN
Creepy cousin ITT
Like summer camps and some cereals JUSTFORKIDS
Called before the wedding NEE
Kitchen appliance brand OSTER
Its main square is the Piazza De Ferrari GENOA
"This is driving me nuts!" GRR
Twain’s "The Awful German Language," notably ESSAY
Physicist Mach ERNST
Mineo of "Exodus" SAL
Show with a "Cyber" spinoff CSI
Request for a donation ASK
Prepare to land REELIN
Dry cleaner’s challenge STAIN
25% of dodeca- TRI
"And She ___" (Talking Heads song) WAS
Representative AGENT
Tense peninsula KOREA
Buffet table fuel STERNO
Color in Qatar’s flag MAROON
Wolfs (down) SCARFS
Drop a hint SUGGEST
Fingerprint feature RIDGE
Shorten thousands of blades MOW
Hubbub ADO
Piece with a cross KING
Shucked ears CORN
"Hold On" group ENVOGUE
Letters on the A train MTA
"The Hunt for Red October" weapon TORPEDO
Absorbed, as financial losses ATE
Colleague of Ruth and Sonia ELENA
U. of Tennessee athletes VOLS
Ankle-to-knee area SHIN
Metallurgist’s subject ORE
"Definitely!" YES
Noise from a nanny MAAING
One of Ireland’s four traditional provinces ULSTER
Walk unsteadily TOTTER
Linen holders CHESTS
Doughnut, informally SINKER
Fighting figurine GIJOE
Bridge support TRUSS
T choice LARGE
It’s nice when it’s iced TEA
Sunbathe too long FRY
Roadhouse INN
Tres menos uno DOS
Remained idle SAT