Wall Street Crossword Answers October 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Sloth in the "Ice Age" movies SID
Metal giant founded in Pittsburgh in 1888 ALCOA
"Cut it out!" STOP
"Mr. Robot" network USA
Animal houses BARNS
Dry white wine SOAVE
Be nosy PRY
*Place for bulls and bears STOCKMARKET
"Child’s play!" EASY
Wearer of a natural wool coat EWE
Furry frolicker OTTER
Patch up REPAIR
Sch. that hosts the George W. Bush Presidential Center SMU
That gal SHE
*Airport carry-on, often LAPTOPCOMPUTER
Get-up-and-go ENERGY
Evening, in Amalfi SERA
Champagne flute part STEM
Ming in the Basketball Hall of Fame YAO
Heredity carrier GENE
Spanish surrealist Joan MIRO
Treatment for damaged hair HOTOIL
*Many a party animal UNINVITEDGUEST
Bad-mouth DIS
Squeeze (out) EKE
Tilted type type ITALIC
Public spectacle SCENE
Crank (up) REV
Opera house level TIER
*Action movie stand-in STUNTDRIVER
Its capital was Richmond, Va. CSA
Fictional Swiss miss HEIDI
Drug in a den OPIUM
UFO navigators ETS
Painting and photography, e.g. ARTS
Cries of pain YELPS
"How dumb of me!" DOH
"Fantastic!" SUPER
Its national anthem is "Hatikvah" ISRAEL
Place for a pedicure DAYSPA
Plank target ABS
Eventually LATERON
Blow one’s own horn CROW
Formerly ONCE
Pop the question ASK
Rests for a bit TAKESTEN
Arm waver’s shout OVERHERE
Many a vet visitor PET
Showed sudden interest SATUP
Playground call MOMMY
Mouth, slangily YAP
Couple in the tabloids ITEM
"Mmmm, delicious!" SOGOOD
Notable time stretch ERA
Hallucinogenic cactus PEYOTE
Packing box CRATE
Bring into play USE
Sister brand of Ritz Crackers TRISCUIT
Long time stretch EON
Excessive supply GLUT
Potent java MUD
Walked in the wilderness HIKED
"Uncle!" IGIVEUP
Size bigger than a grande VENTI
Grab a bite EAT
Like cold cuts SLICED
Associates with TIESTO
Sound of cymbals, and what the starred answers might do CRASH
Wraps up ENDS
Ready for picking RIPE
Bad to the bone EVIL
___ Na Na SHA
"Oh, Pretty Woman" singer Orbison ROY
Apt. ad abbr. RMS