Wall Street Crossword Answers October 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Stock unit STEER
Day’s two doz. HRS
Started a triathlon SWAM
Music to a masseur’s ears AAH
Hummus dipper PITA
Proverbial preventative measure ASTITCHIME
College with 70 King’s Scholars ETON
One might force you to retire FLAT
Tea grade PEKOE
Miserly CHZY
Tots’ source TATER
Verb from Psalm 23 RUNNETH
Cause of some shaking DEAL
Slimeball CREEP
Acad., e.g. SCH
Trap setting DRAIN
Mouth part DELTA
Luau staple POI
Packers’ place CANNERY
Fay’s "King Kong" role ANN
Point of view ANGLE
Iris Murdoch and Barbara Cartland DAMES
Funny fellow WAG
"Rumble Fish" writer SEHON
Cloverleaf feature EXIT
They get left behind ESTATES
"___ Plays Fats" (1955 album) SATCH
The going rate FARE
Horn section members SAXES
Supergirl’s first name KARA
Results of some split decisions EXES
One-hit wonder, e.g. FLASHHEPAN
Push to the limit TEST
Slick stuff OIL
Like some 60-Across ALTO
Target of a hit RAT
Hand’s 27 BONES
"Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about?" SHAFT
Alternating current proponent TESLA
Ready for publication EDITED
Rural road feature RUT
Basho work HAIKU
Sessions of the Knicks RAMON
Luster SHEEN
24th film in the James Bond series SPECTRE
Constitutional WITHHELAW
Comprehensive guide ATOZ
Scores of MANY
Angel dust PCP
Back of beyond HERLAND
Minimal money REDCENT
Shedding of a skin ECDYSIS
College football’s Parseghian ARA
Mount near Messina ETNA
"Feed me" feeling PANG
Rejuvenating getaways SPAS
Color-sensitive cell CONE
Shark’s charge HIGHEREST
Words with panic or pickle INA
Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, e.g. NEMESES
"Toy Story" dinosaur REX
Finishes behind LOSESTO
Make a habit of TAKETO
Regarding ASFOR
She played Al’s sister in the "Godfather" movies TALIA
Revere EXALT
Green gimme TAPIN
Beam lifter CRANE
Is suspended HANGS
Crumbly cheese FETA
Lutz’s cousin AXEL
Ise Grand Shrine worship SHO
Network connection HUB