Wall Street Crossword Answers October 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Missing GI AWOL
Cable channel that shows many NCAA games ESPNU
Gloucester glassful ALE
Fourth little piggy’s share NONE
Stock exchange? MOOING
R cause, often SEX
Musician mentioned in the theme song to "All in the Family" GLENNMILLER
WWII general Arnold HAP
"Juno and the Paycock" playwright OCASEY
Estate in "Citizen Kane" XANADU
"CBS Sunday Morning" correspondent Mo ROCCA
He played the title character in "Saving Private Ryan" MATTDAMON
Mach3 forerunner ATRA
"___ telling me!" YOURE
Shipping hazard BERG
Author who sometimes uses the pen name Richard Bachman STEPHENKING
River of Scotland DEE
Margarita glass topper, in Mexico SAL
Genetic letters DNA
Up in the air, on a sched. TBD
Writer of "The Call of Cthulhu" HPLOVECRAFT
Investing options, for short IRAS
Sierra Club founder MUIR
Most followed person on Twitter KATYPERRY
Capone contemporary nicknamed "The Enforcer" NITTI
"Terrible" czar IVANIV
Distinguished OFNOTE
Commuting option BUS
What you might need to research to solve this contest crossword BIRTHPLACES
Exist ARE
Fall color RUST
Chinese zodiac animal RAT
Hayride need WAGON
Apportion METE
Some cats ANGORAS
Longtime Vanity Fair critic James WOLCOTT
It can be a lot ONEACRE
They’re removed before shooting LENSCAPS
___-disant SOI
Pro on the hustings POL
Zero, on the pitch NIL
Like suitcase handles in the overhead bin UNEXTENDED
Sheepish ASHAMED
Galena, e.g. LEADORE
Wipe out EXPUNGE
Mortarboard tosser GRAD
"Poetry Out Loud" org. NEA
Catch cold? NAB
Calendar abbr. MON
North Sea diver AUK
Start for athlete or cycle TRI
Bit of crowd-sourced criticism YELPREVIEW
"As if!" HAH
"Live well" chain GNC
How a couple may walk ARMINARM
Where drinks come with mini umbrellas TIKIBAR
Like a virtuoso performance BRAVURA
Computer input DATASET
Choreographer Lubovitch LAR
Text-scanning by PC OCR
"Oy ___!" VEY
Teleprompter brand AUTOCUE
Evolutionary survivors FITTEST
Port on the Adriatic Sea TRIESTE
Ant. ant. SYN
___ Xtra (soda brand) PIBB
Patriots’ org. NFL
Available OPEN
Pioneering TV company RCA
Dress fancily, with "out" TOG
Med. care option HMO