Wall Street Crossword Answers October 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
"The Love Boat" mixologist ISAAC
Long-legged wading bird IBIS
Ready for the shower BARE
Dating site inits. SWF
Messing with lines DEBRA
Long-legged wading bird HERON
Forever, seemingly AGES
Small songbird TIT
Billiards bounce CAROM
Long-legged wading bird EGRET
Beyond al dente LIMP
Small songbird LARK
City on San Francisco Bay ALAMEDA
J.R.’s first wife on "Dallas" SUEELLEN
Small songbird WREN
Warning of imminent attack REDALERT
Answered an invitation to attend RSVPED
Request one’s presence at ASKTO
Bow’s husband on "Black-ish" DRE
Cry to Macduff LAYON
Bagged stuff at the supermarket TEA
Fashion monogram YSL
Overly permissive LAX
Cattle comestibles SILAGES
Org. that licenses reactors NRC
Coral producer POLYP
Key of Chopin’s "Minute Waltz" DFLAT
Put a stop to STEM
Purity measures KARATS
Ocean Spray nibble CRAISIN
Joint stock? WEED
In spite of that YET
"SOS" singers ABBA
Bird of prey HAWK
Pitcher Hideo NOMO
Game bird GROUSE
Seabird TERN
Bird of prey OWL
Seabird AUK
Bird of prey KITE
Game bird TURKEY
Safe place? WALL
Seabird GULL
Top Irish solo artist ENYA
Jackson Hole grazer ELK
Darling dog NANA
Accumulate quickly SNAPUP
Thebes splitter NILE
Milkman of musical fame TEVYE
Astronomer’s cool giant SSTAR
Joint stock? POT
Cry of greedy gloating ALLMINE
Body of eau LAC
Salon stuff DYE
Planetarium sight ORB
Cremona craftsman AMATI
Home for an ibex ALP
Old nutritional fig. USRDA
Quaint address for a noble MILORD
Collective of commuters SUBURBIA
Ratite bird RHEA
Swerve back and forth FISHTAIL
Upgrades to first class, say RESEATS
Ratite bird KIWI
Charles Lamb’s nom de plume ELIA
Water bird GOOSE
Outperforms BESTS
Ratite bird EMU
Dove competitor DIAL
Water bird GREBE
"Skyfall" singer ADELE
Quick swim DIP
Comedian Mort SAHL
Water bird SWAN
Winona of "Stranger Things" RYDER
Entry requirement, perhaps IDCARD
Base coat for paint SEALER
Wear away ABRADE
Patisserie come-on AROMA
Alabama’s state flowers CAMELLIAS
"Right on, brah!" IHEARYA
Canine command BEG
Bargain bin items: Abbr. IRRS
Address in un couvent SOEUR
Diamond setting BALLPARK
Quick-thinking AGILE
Correct REMEDY
"Outside the Lines” carrier ESPN
Without adornment STARKLY
Bug with a sting? WIRETAP
Setting of the climax of "Goldfinger" FTKNOX
Bikini blast NTEST
The NHL’s Bobby Hull and Alex Ovechkin, e.g. LWS
Ready to play, in a way DEALTIN
Like exactly one prime number EVEN
Getup TOGS
Buckets ALOT
Lifetime, e.g. NETWORK
Sudden rush SPATE
Midge Ure’s early band SLIK
Cross-reference lead-in SEE
Ithaca’s lake CAYUGA
Future atty.’s exam LSAT
Attract DRAWIN
TV role for Cleese FAWLTY
She appeared opposite Tom Hanks in three movies MEGRYAN
Illegal wrestling hold CHOKE
Orange juice carton specification NOPULP
Soft & ___ (deodorant brand) DRI
Drugstore section BEAUTY
Creme ___ BRULEE
It’s just over a foot ANKLE
Amount for overhead and profit MARKUP
Premium juice brand ODWALLA
Value of a Q or Z in Scrabble TEN
Dawn direction EAST
Visibly upset TEARY
Last #1 hit for the Beatles before their breakup LETITBE
Collapsed GAVE
Long of "NCIS: LA" NIA
Spot for bad Apples GENIUSBAR
Zilch NADA
Shark’s milieu POOLHALL
Classic avenue liners ELMS
Bento box option SASHIMI
Scamper TROT
O’Hara of "The Quiet Man" MAUREEN
Hid in the shadows LURKED
Iago’s wife EMILIA
British singer Billy BRAGG
Brought down ABASED
Compact LITTLE
Quarterback, at times PASSER
Bao ___ (last emperor of Vietnam) DAI
Thomas of the NBA ISIAH
Some designer dresses DIORS
Tall and thin REEDY
RICO enforcers FEDS
MGM co-founder Marcus LOEW
Org. that helps mom-and-pop stores SBA