Wall Street Crossword Answers October 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Surreptitious attention-getter PSST
Carry TOTE
Glasgow native SCOT
___ Lang (Clark Kent’s Smallville girlfriend) LANA
"___ appetito!" (alternative to "Mangia!") BUON
Darling, in France CHERI
*Like candidates in some easy races UNOPPOSED
Pines (for) LONGS
Early Beatle Sutcliffe STU
Decay ROT
Softball or soccer SPORT
Millinery accessory HATPIN
*1946 Gregory Peck western DUELINTHESUN
Insects between larvas and adults PUPAS
"Don’t bet ___!" ONIT
One of three historic ships NINA
"Give ___ rest!" ITA
Graceful waterfowl SWANS
Deface MAR
Sisters with habits NUNS
Cooped (up) PENT
David did it to Goliath SMOTE
*Game with a series of clues TREASUREHUNT
Hart’s horn ANTLER
Cry from a stereotypical damsel in distress SAVEME
Choppers TEETH
Football field figure REF
Chemist’s workplace LAB
Combination of notes CHORD
Start of an Italian count, and the start of the starred answers UNODUETRE
Piggy bank insert PENNY
Become liquid MELT
Film ___ (movie genre) NOIR
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Italian traveler Marco POLO
Pesky insect GNAT
Luxurious PLUSH
With 51-Down, one of three historic ships SANTA
Hog’s nose SNOUT
Bar fixture TAP
Business magnate Pickens TBOONE
Boot from power OUST
Sock part TOE
Wraps up ENDS
Abbreviate, say SHORTEN
Hundredth of an Italian lira CENTESIMO
Assn. ORG
"My country, ___ of thee…" TIS
Tailor’s need CLOTH
Toyota hybrid PRIUS
Finishes a hole PUTTS
Kissing in public, for example, in brief PDA
Charge RUNAT
Subordinate LOWER
Preposterous INANE
Last inning, usually NINTH
One of three historic ships PINTA
Motorist’s about-face UTURN
Italian sweet bread popular at Christmastime PANETTONE
Sudden growth SPURT
Italian port southeast of Naples SALERNO
Major mix-up SNAFU
"Teen Wolf" network MTV
Like a dive bar SEEDY
Familiar with USEDTO
Rocker John ELTON
See 2-Down MARIA
Film critic Roger EBERT
Dromedary feature HUMP
Paper towel unit ROLL
Navy noncom CPO
That lady HER
Prefix for classical or conservative NEO
An official U.N. lang. ENG