Wall Street Crossword Answers September 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sushi foundation RICE
First person ADAM
City at the mouth of the Yodo River OSAKA
School near Windsor Castle ETON
Cord worn as a necktie BOLO
Four-time Indy 500 champ Al UNSER
*Red herring FALSELEAD
Spanish food served on small plates TAPAS
Obligation DUTY
You might say "one, two" into one MIC
Number-based game of chance KENO
Motel room fixture TVSET
*Quick trip to Starbucks COFFEERUN
Figures for analysts RAWDATA
Toy for "walking the dog" YOYO
Taproom order ALE
Astute, as a student APT
Source of fluffy pillow stuffing EIDER
*Something kids go up and then down PLAYGROUNDSLIDE
Pear-shaped instrument SITAR
Gift topper BOW
Food label abbr. RDA
Dreary forecast RAIN
"Cut the carbs," e.g. DIETTIP
*Hans Zimmer creation FILMSCORE
5K and 10K RACES
Baseball’s Felipe, Matty, Jesus or Moises ALOU
Old name of Tokyo EDO
Trodden track PATH
"Twelfth Night" heroine VIOLA
"Can’t beat that price!" or a hint to the ends of the starred answers ITSASTEAL
Corporal, captain and colonel RANKS
Slinky shape COIL
Sculling equipment OARS
Car introduced in September 1957 EDSEL
Is mistaken ERRS
Sounding-off piece OPED
Whistler on a field REF
"Give ___ rest!" ITA
Sign of deep anxiety COLDSWEAT
Happened subsequently ENSUED
In a skillful manner ABLY
Female fawn DOE
Mission to remember ALAMO
Ump’s call OUT
Shifty salesman’s offering SNAKEOIL
In accordance with ASPER
Reeves of "John Wick" KEANU
Fiery felony ARSON
James who sang "At Last" ETTA
Corp. check signer CFO
Captures TRAPS
"Jersey Boys" role VALLI
Mafia kingpin CAPO
Colon in many an emoticon EYES
Put on a black coat? TAR
Lard container TUB
Bearing an unbeatable price DIRTCHEAP
Vedder of Pearl Jam EDDIE
Garners REAPS
Top in temple YARMULKE
Mardi ___ GRAS
Botanical junction NODE
Reckless infraction, for short DWI
Fish market stock ICE
"Forget it!" NODICE
Notable spans ERAS
Image made with needles TATTOO
Quarterback Brett FAVRE
Homer epic ILIAD
Crackpots LOONS
Helicopter part ROTOR
Amigos PALS
Nonverbal communication system: Abbr. ASL
Address for a superior SIR
Common auxiliary verb ARE
Mind-altering stuff LSD