Wall Street Crossword Answers September 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
With 9-Across, high-rise feature ELEVATOR
See 1-Across SET
Blockhead CLOD
Tubes in a studio OILPAINTS
Town on Long Island’s southern shore ISLIP
Cherokee Landing State Pk. location OKLA
It makes the bed SOIL
"Boola Boola" singer ELI
Hung in there LASTED
Hole in the head NOSTRIL
Valued strings STRAD
Park place? GARAGE
Skyping need CAM
With 45-Across, hurricane-prone area, and a clue to this puzzle’s edges OUTER
Like some communities GATED
Pizza chain, informally UNOS
It’s brought to order MENU
Barbershop item STROP
See 35-Across BANKS
"The Racer’s Edge" STP
Shaman, e.g. HEALER
Jellyfish delivery STING
Consumes conspicuously SLURPS
"Starpeace" artist ONO
Potpie veggies PEAS
Tibia’s place SHIN
Drug trafficker NARCO
1994 Italian film nominated for the Best Picture Oscar ILPOSTINO
Foal’s father SIRE
Go back to square one STARTANEW
With 72-Across, roll to one side, e.g. AIR
See 71-Across MANEUVER
Christensen of TV’s "Parenthood" ERIKA
Luxuriates LOLLS
Stein and Hemingway in Paris, e.g. EXPATS
Traveling through VIA
Bordeaux bestie AMI
Beach shades TANS
"Beetle Bailey" dog OTTO
Tree exudation RESIN
High school dept. SCI
Golf’s "Big Easy" ELS
Puts up with TOLERATES
With 32-Down, it’s used in a rebound shot POOL
Industrious DILIGENT
With 57-Down, drift PILEDUP
Record LOG
DDE’s 1942 command ETO
Soundly defeat DRUB
Decline SAG
Way around London TRAM
Katharine Hepburn’s acting gamut, according to Dorothy Parker ATOB
"La Classe de Danse" artist DEGAS
See 12-Down CUSHION
Firefly features ANTENNAS
Temporary suspensions MORATORIA
Puny pup RUNT
Lindy’s hop? SOLO
Goes downhill SKIS
Big house PEN
TV premiere of Oct. 11, 1975 SNL
Sales team member REP
Music’s Mahler GUSTAV
Franklin’s belief DEISM
Cologne divider RHINE
Heartsick one PINER
See 17-Down SNOW
Resort near Park City ALTA
Pass over SPAN
Dernier ___ CRI
Above, in odes OER
Extraction target ORE
Disco guy on "The Simpsons" STU